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Today's the day!

In t-minus 4 hours I'll be seeing the boys! Very excited :D

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Re: Today's the day!

  • @kimmycup!!!!  How was it?

  • Hi Ladies! 

    Well, the concert was amazing! The boys are wonderful and put on a really good show. The drive home was horrendous but that's a different story. I think I'm going to go into a lot of detail so this may be long...

    As most of you know I went with my MIL. I showed her some 1D videos and we listened to the albums on the drive to the concert. She seemed like she really liked them which was good. 

    We got there about 6:30, got some snacks and were in our seats by 7:10 ish. The show was set to start at 7 but the opening band didn't come on until 7:30. It was the first time I'd heard 5SOS and while I was impressed that they all play their own instruments, I wasn't to fond of any of their songs. (sorry if any of you are fans!) 
    Anyway, they played until about 8:20 and then we were all waiting for they boys to come out. They took FOREVER. I'm not sure what they were doing back there, but I was expecting them to come on at 9 and they didn't come on until 9:40. That was one of the longest waits I've ever had at a concert, but well worth it ;)
    So out come the boys! First of all, Liam had a jacket on for the first couple songs. I wasn't sure why're in South Florida! It was not cold, at all. But then he got hot, and took it off and I realized he had a cast on his arm. I guess that's why he was wearing it? Oh well. I will say, he looked GOOD. Has he been working out? Yum. 
    Now Zayn, well he looked good too. It looked like he was wearing a headband, which was interesting. He was wearing a white shirt so he stood out the whole time, because the rest of the boys were wearing dark colors. He did seem a bit more serious than the other boys. 
    Niall was hilarious. Guys, I've never realized how silly he is, but watching him on stage he is a riot. He was running and bouncing around all over the stage. When he was talking to the audience he was adorable, saying that he's sad it's their last show of the tour but that they'd be back with their new album. I've grown to love Niall a bit more. Oh and his moves during "Better Than Words" was great ;)
    Now, Louis and Harry. I think I'm obsessed with Larry. I was trying to look for Larry moments through out the show, but we were in the nosebleed section so it was hard to see them very well if they weren't on the screen. There was a time during the show where they all came together and were talking in a group, and someone made a joke about Harry trying to kiss them. I think it was Louis but can't be 100% sure. 
    Anyway, Louis looked good and he was very personable towards the crowd. 
    Harry, oh Harry. He looked amazing. His hair was down, no bandana. He was also running around the stage and bouncing around. There was a point in the concert where he got on his knees, and when the song started he spit water out of his mouth. OMG. It was great. 
    Overall, a very amazing show. I just wish I would have been closer, or brought binoculars! Oh, and they all said about a million times during the show that this was their last show and how appreciative they are of their fans, and they made the crowd scream A LOT. MIL and I were plugging our ears during those parts ;)

    Wow that was long. 

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    secretsout[Deleted User]
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  • So glad you had a good time!

  • Thanks! I forgot to add, there were some people dressed up as bananas in the crowd. I thought that was great. I saw no Harry banana eating though. 

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