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Hi everyone!

Here's my story and predicament. We've been TTC for 12 months. So far doctors have not found anything reproductively wrong with me. Last month SO had an SA done prescribed by his primary doc. The primary doc called a few days later and said there appeared to be a problem but didn't go into any further detail. They said we should visit a urologist and they would refer him. We called them several times to check on the referral each time being told they were working on it.

I kind of feel like we are in a holding pattern and know there's something wrong but don't know what or to what degree of an issue there is or what we can do to get answers. Any recommendations on how to feel less stuck in this situation or ideas how we could be more proactive?

I look forward to learning from you!

Re: Intro- in limbo

  • Amen to @bluefairy5's advice, and the RE as Ketchup suggested. You said "doctors" haven't found any IF causes with you, but I'm assuming you haven't worked with an RE yet because of the wait on the SA?
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  • @bunnyberry that's correct. Doc would not refer us to an RE until after SA and now until after urologist.
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  • Welcome. I agree with PP to put some pressure on your current Dr. I wish you luck in getting a referral and figuring this all out.
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  • Hi and welcome! If YH's primary doc won't provide a referral until he sees a urologist, could you go to your OB/Gyn and tell them that you have been trying unsuccessfully for a year? That's all that mine needed to send me over to an RE stat. Of course it's still important that YH follow through with finding a urologist, but if I were you I would want to get linked with an RE in the meantime to start any other testing, talk about treatment options, etc. They will also probably order a repeat SA (I know a lot of doctors want 2 before diagnosing MFI).

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  • @bandm14 thanks. I already spoke to OB. They also wanted SO to go to urologist before going to an RE. I heard or read somewhere that multiple SAs might be ordered.. Thanks for confirming.

    I will update when we know something. Do you all have check in for stuff like that?
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