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Incision opening up

I am just about 5 weeks pp. I still have 6 of the 9 steri strips on. Today part of my incision opened up a tad and is bleeding and leaking some fluid. It's not a huge opening but enough to leave blood on my underwear. I am in some pain as well but I don't think it's an infection. Anyone with experience with their incision opening this late in the game?

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  • Mine opened at 1 wk pp. you could have a hematoma in there causing it. See your doctor as you may not know if it is infected unless the do a culture.
  • I agree, see your doctor as soon as possible. My first one kept opening and it was infected...I almost got myself admitted and it healed horribly.
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    Mine opened where the sutures were supposed to be knotted off. Was a pea sized hole with white underneath and yellow liquid endjng up on underwear. Was told was not infection and I was told to keep neosporin on it. Healed fine
  • Mine opened up 1 Wk pp it was about 1 inch wide we just slapped some liquid bandaid on it and when I went for my 2 week incision check the doctor laughed at me and said well that will work and it looked great I will say if you chose to do this have someone do it for you cause it burns like a mother so you will need someone to blow lol 
  • Mine opened up the tiniest bit a few weeks after my csection. My doctor just told me to keep it clean and keep an eye on it until it healed. It ended up healing no problem. I`d check with your doctor though just to be safe.
  • I have had it go both ways. Sometimes it was just some drainage, once over the knot (like a PP) and we actually had to pull it out (rest had disintegrated), and once I have had a minor infection...  So I suggest just having it looked at to be safe.
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