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So we're already looking into which hospital and I've personally narrowed it down to St David's, Seton in Kyle, or Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos.

My Pros-
St David's has husband and wife team of obgyn that were recommende to me.

Seton in Kyle is the closes to our home and new.

And CTMC has a birthing tub and a professional photographer with an online photo album of the birth/baby that you can send to all your friends and family.

My Cons list:
St David's means I have to drive into Austin for all my appointments and delivery.

Seton does not have a birthing tub an seems pretty restrictive on personal birthing plans.

CTMC only has one tub and I would have to drive all the way to San Marcos.

So what are your top hospitals and why?

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  • I delivered recently at North Austin Medical Center (st, davids). I see Dr. Cowan at Austin Area OBGYN which is located at the hospital. I feel I made a great choice with my ObGYn. His nurses are amazing as well. I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. There is a couch what stretches out so that DH was able to stay with me the entire time. Also LO stated in the room with us as well. They have a photography company that takes newborn photos. We bought the CD for $99 plus tax and love the photos. Dr. Cowan and LO's pediatrician visited each day I was at the hospital as well. I am happy with the decisions I made in regards to Dr, and hospital. I should say though that I do not live far from this hospital which was convenient as DH was able to run home to shower and get things as needed.i have serval friends who live in south austin who recommended this hospital and Dr. As well.
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  • I am going to deliver at St. David's North in Austin (off Mopac).  My OB/GYN is there, as well.  They are a nice, peaceful place, and all the nurses are nice.  They have great classes to take, as well.  Several of my friends have delivered there, and they all say it is the best experience!  Good luck on your search.
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