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TMI? to wax or not to wax?

Hi Ladies, my first c-section was a total emergency, due to complications, no time to plan for anything, and i was under general anaesthetic. for the second time we've decided to do a scheduled C, which means i can anticipate a few more things. so - what are your thoughts on pre-waxing the ya-ya? in the haze of #1, i remember the surgical team shaving me, and am considering doing it before the date. what do you think?

Re: TMI? to wax or not to wax?

  • ^^Yup. I mean, they really only shave an inch or two.
  • I shaved before my c-section, our hospital uses one of those cheap one blade razors and dry...ouuuch!!
  • I would not care what my vag looked like, even if my cs was scheduled. And you might want to ask if they will shave- I never got shaved. If they don't shave, I wouldn't worry about it. If they do shave, I'd rather do that myself than end up with razor burn or ingrowns.


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  • I got waxed before I got induced, I didn't know I would need an emergency c section but I didn't want to be all willy nilly down there either way.
  • Absolutely wax. I had one shortly before I delivered DS. I was so glad I did especially since I needed a section. I can't imagine dealing with the itchy regrowth from shaving on the scar line.

    I'm planning to deliver #2 by c-section as well and will absolutely schedule a bikini wax beforehand.
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  • I kept mine waxed throughout my pregnancy, I knew I would be a C and I didn't want them shaving me because of the ingrowns and as PP said, they do it dry. I kept it like that anyway though so it wasn't a big deal to maintain it. Of course since DS was born d'ya think I can find the time? Haha! 
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  • Another vote for wax here.   The nurses were grateful they didn't have to shave me as I had a scheduled C for my first and got a wax beforehand.  It really does avoid the itchiness of re-growth after a shave and also avoids the ingrown hairs.  If you don't want to do a full brazilian or anything, they can just wax the top couple of inches.  
  • I got a pre c-section wax and broke out like crazy! I have gotten plenty of waxes before and never had an issue but this was the first one time while pregnant. I don't know if it was the pregnancy hormones or if place I went to had an issue with the wax or something but it was pretty bad.
  • I didn't wax. I just let them deal with it!! i get really bad irritation from waxing so shaving was fine.
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  • Me personally I hate hair. I got a Brazilian a week before my water broke. Didn't hurt any more then pre-pregnancy and I have also had a csection previous. This way I didn't have to worry about hair for a few weeks after, the cestion area with the tape etc. 

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  • My hospital "shaved" me and really it was a pair of clippers (like to buzz a guys head) so it hurt even worse getting the pressure bandage off... Needless to say I made sure I was smooth the morning of my next section!!!
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