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Is it normal to not feel anything.....

Hello everyone...... My fiancé and I did our first IUI 4 days ago. I've been reading blogs about other women doing IUI and taking progesterone and feeling lots of pregnancy symptoms. I'm not feeling any symptoms like they did, so I'm getting worried that the IUI didn't work! is that normal? should I be feeling like this? should I be happy that I'm not feeling any pregnancy symptoms? I'm mentally all over the place. Any info is appreciate. Happy Friday.
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Re: Is it normal to not feel anything.....

  • During my last iui, which was bfn, I was on progesterone and got tons of pregnancy symptoms. I was convinced it work only to get AF 3 days early. Blah! And actually during my first iui I got the flu and was throwing up so I thought that one worked too. I swear, it was always something with me. I'm trying to ignore any potential symptoms this time around. Everyone is different,but I think it's fine that you aren't feeling anything especially since it's still really early. Good luck to you though!
  • thanks everyone for the advice.... im a worrier to begin with so this 2ww is driving me nuts..... and im only 4 days in.. ahhhhhhhhh.
    me:33 Fiance: 34
    Diagnosis: DOR
    TTC since June 2013
    IUI #1---BFN
    IUI #2--- BFN
    IVF #1--- BFP on 4/5/2015
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  • Symptoms (or lack thereof) mean nothing, as pp said, so don't read into it too much. Some people end up getting really strong symptoms from progesterone, and others don't. Just like getting "symptoms" doesn't mean your IUI worked, not having any doesn't mean it didn't work.


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  • I swear I can think of a pregnancy symptom and immediately experience it. For me it's mostly all in my head. I do get symptoms while taking progesterone, but I know not to waste my time deciphering what that means. It'll drive you nuts and only time will tell. Good luck, I hope this cycle is successful for you.
  • Until you've missed a period or gotten a BFP, there's literally no way to know if any symptoms are related to a trigger shot or progesterone (if you use them for IUI), or pregnancy, or PMS, or totally random/unrelated to anything. At 4DPO, there's literally no physical possibility that a fertilized egg could have implanted or have any interaction with your body that could create symptoms. If you start noticing symptoms (or lack or) compared to other cycles, it doesn't mean anything either...if it helps you get through the two week wait, it can be fun to notice and wonder about symptoms, but if that stresses you out, then just remember it could be anything. :)
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  • Like i've said before, 2WW + progesterone = total mind f*ck. You're going to drive yourself mad trying to decipher if what you're feeling is real or in your head, and if it's PG/PMS/progesterone related. Hopefully you can get your mind off of it and reclaim some sanity. GL and FX that you get your BFP
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  • Totally meaningless. After my 1st IUI I had literally every early pregnancy symptom you can think of. Felt like total crap. After the 2nd I had basically no symptoms at all other than sore boobs. Both resulted in BFN. Try not to drive yourself too crazy and be thankful that you aren't having many side effects! And good luck!!!
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