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Fights me about going in him carseat

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Hi all! My son is almost 14 months old and I am having horrific time getting him into his carseat. Am I alone? If not, what are tricks you use? How can I make this not so difficult for us? Btw, I'm due in December with a girl.

Re: Fights me about going in him carseat

  • Mine does this too. It can be really aggravating. Most of the time if I distract him with something else he'll give up the fight. I try to hand him something just as I'm putting him in. A sippy cup, a toy, a snack etc. Whatever it takes for him to focus on something other then going into the carseat.

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  • We went though a phase like this. It passed after a few weeks, but we still have moments where he's just not in the mood. It helps to have certain toys that are just for the car so he looks forward to playing with them. He likes the electronic books that make noises when you turn the pages. 
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  • Thanks, ladies.
  • It's the  worst!  If you can get the hips strapped in, the battle is mostly won so start there :)
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  • We went through several phases of this too.  I can tell you there were days I was in tears while driving because I was so upset after fighting with him!! It felt like it lasted forever... He would kick me in my head, arm, or chest while I was trying to wrestle him into his car seat and strap him in.  Most of the time I felt like I needed a shower afterwards because of the fight (esp when it was hot out)!

    For a while I was able to distract him by letting him buckle his strap.  But mostly it was just a matter of time and let him grow out of him.

    for the past few months (he's 22.5m) I let DS climb onto his carseat (it's RF in middle seat, and he's so big and heavy that I cannto physcially put him in his car seat).  Some days it goes like a charm and he'll happily oblige.  Other days he doesn't want to get in right away, so I let him do whatever (until he's bored) and then he'll climb in. I've learned to cushion in extra 5-10mins when we have to go anywhere. 
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  • I've found DS likes to "help" with things, so sometimes when he fights about getting in the car seat I'll either ask him to help me with the straps (and then he tries to put them on himself; he's also obsessed with buckles and loves to try to figure that part out), or else I'll ask him to hold my keys. I try to mix up the distractions so that nothing gets stale. Toys, books, or a sippy cup of water are in rotation too.
  • I give my daughter a few minutes to play in her car seat and I inform her that afterwords she has to sit. I also give her my cell phone temporarily to distract her it has Netflix on it with her favorite show. If you can find something he loves to distract him he may not mind being buckled in the seat so much. Good Luck! I am currently going through this too.
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