What are you plans for this fine fall weekend?

Just taking a brain break from the project I'm working on and wondering what everyone is up to...


Re: What are you plans for this fine fall weekend?

  • Happy Friday!

    DH and I just celebrated our anniversary, so we're going into the city tomorrow to spend some time together.

    Sunday DD's school has a hayride to a pumpkin patch and the weather looks PERFECT.

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  • @Dr.Loretta and @TheatrePal - Congrats on the anniversaries!!  Sounds like going into the city is THE thing to do!!

    @packerfan4life - happy birthday to your H and it sounds like you have a lot of fun lined up for little L!!

    My BM, a couple of her friends and my BS (birth sister) will be staying with us for the weekend to celebrate a baby shower for little E and the pending minion.  My mom and MIL have done a lot of planning for this and it's at one of my fav restaurants, so I'm really looking forward to the day!  Hoping little E is big enough for the party dress I want her to wear!!

    It will be one of the last times I see my BM before she moves to South Korea to spend time with my BB (birth brother) and his son. 



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  • I am going to start my Christmas shopping! I can't believe it's already October! AHHH! I'd also like to put out my Halloween decorations too. Life's been a little upside down for us this week because our Hot Water went out. :( So we're hoping that gets fixed this weekend too. It's been a headache dealing with the company that came out. :(
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  • @Spooko - Good luck with the 5K!  The color runs are generally pretty dang fun, so enjoy!

    @leisemomtobe - I've been thinking about Christmas shopping too!  Good luck with the water heater.  That cannot be any fun!


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  • Our friend's church is having a harvest fair tomorrow, so we will swing by that, and then I think we're just gonna veg, we've been traveling the past two weekends and I'm going on a (solo!) trip next weekend.
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  • DH is taking me to lunch tomorrow. I am hoping to eat outside while the weather is nice. 

    I also really need to get caught up on some cleaning!!! (That will feel great too!)


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  • The boys were supposed to have baseball and soccer games this morning, but they've both been rained out.  So now, my husband and the boys are all at the dentist, and I'm getting some stuff done around the house.  Later on, my husband will watch the Alabama football game.

    Other than that, we're using this weekend to get some organizing and home stuff done, as we have a lot to do before we move (this Spring, hopefully!).
  • DS's 2nd bday party is tomorrow. Our house is a mess so today I'll be cleaning. I think.
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  • Today dh worked so me and PJ went to the farmers market and playground. Swings are his favorite. His first good day in three long days since he is teething and the huge molars on top are coming in. He has been very difficult and irritable!
    Tomorrow dh has a baseball game so I think we will go to a local big antique flea market that comes twice a year. I love it and always find a treasure there! It's not fall weather here at all!! 100 degrees today and tomorrow close to the same. So I'm gonna hold off on too many outdoor activities tomorrow!
    Have a good weekend everyone!
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  • I am an Local Childcare Coordinator and have 13 Au pairs in my group. I took all of them to a corn maze. The day was beautiful and they loved it as it was their first time. Now I am just relaxing :)
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