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Rough Day ***Pregnancy Mentioned***

Today sucks. We had our first IUI on Monday and today I felt great when I woke up. As soon as I got to work I started having period-like cramps and back pain. I know it's early but every month when I start my period I get a few days of cramps early on, feel great for a few then the major cramps kick in. I'm feeling super discouraged when I was trying to be positive :(

To top it off, my coworker is leaving for Aruba tomorrow and I told her to have to big drink for me-her response "well it will have to be virgin, I'm pregnant!" She then went on to explain that it wasn't planned it just happened. Lovely.

Bring on the wine and chocolate.
Me: 26, PCOS, Clear HSG
DH: 29, Perfectly Normal SA

Married Since 10/6/2012
TTC Since 6/2013

2/2014: Visited OB-GYN, Low Progesterone
3/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN
4/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN
5/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN
6/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN

7/2014: First RE visit, Diagnosed with PCOS, Started on 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + TI, 1 22mm Follicle, BFN
8/2014: 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + TI, 2 Mature Follicles, BFN
9/2014: 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #1, 3 Mature Follicles, BFN
10/2014: 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #2, 1 Mature Follicle, BFN
11/2014: 5 mg Femara + 75 mg Follistim + Ovidrel + IUI #3, 3 Mature Follicles, BFN
12/2014: Starting IVF in January

1/2015: IVF with ICSI, Currently Stimming

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Re: Rough Day ***Pregnancy Mentioned***

  • Well that certainly makes for a shitty day - I'm so sorry.  I know there's no amount of preparation that makes the disappointment of AF arriving any less painful - and hearing about an "accidental" pregnancy just makes it that much worse to get through.  
  • So sorry!! We had friends send out a text announcing their pregnancy. Nothing like opening a text expecting a game night invite only to have your heart ripped out.
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  • So very sorry for the rough day!  ((HUGS))
    Me: 31 (PCOS) possible right tube issues DH: 36 (SA normal) 
    Started dating in 2006, Married 2012 
    TTC since November 2013 
    First RE visit due to irregular periods: June 2014
    Lap/Hysto to remove polyps, cyst and tube blockage 11/6
    Cycle 1 (Dec. 2014) TI with Clomid, Trigger, & Progesterone CX due to no response
    Impatiently Waiting CD1 to try again with Fermara Back on the bench due to giant cyst,
    who know I'd ovulate on my own after a cancelled cycle and end up with a mega cyst :(
    All Welcome
  • oh wow. I'd drink a bottle of wine if I were you. The whole bottle. It's the only solution.
    Love 2010 | Marriage 2011 | TTC #1 since 2012
    PCOS | Anovulatory | Metformin + Letrozole
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  • Ugh horrible! So sorry about your rough day! Hugs to you!


    Me (26) & DH (26)
    Dog Momma to 2 amazing furbabies
    Started dating: May 6, 2005 & Married: August 4, 2012
    Diagnosis: PCOS

    September 2013 - January 2014: Not trying but not preventing
    February 2014:
    Officially TTC (BBT, OPKs, etc)
    February-August 2014: Irregular Cycles, U/S showed Fibroids/Cysts, Provera required to get AF, BFNs
    September & October 2014: Testing Months with Reproductive Endocrinologist!
    DH's SA: Normal (116.4 million sperm, 97% motility, 36% morphology) - WHO criteria
    DH's Repeat SA: Poss. Low Morph. (138 million sperm, 73% motility, 8% morphology) - Kruger criteria
    HSG and SIS: Normal (tubes clear)

    Medicated Cycle:
     5mg Letrozole + Trigger Injection + TI = BFP!!


    Beta #1: 12/8 - 1,040 Beta #2: 12/10 - 2,902 Beta #3: 12/16 - 19,321
    Ultrasound #1: 12/12 (5 weeks 1 day) - Gestational sac and yolk sac present
    Ultrasound #2: 12/18 (6 weeks 0 days) - Measuring good, heart rate 99
    Ultrasound #3: 12/26 (7 weeks 1 day) - Measuring good, heart rate 150

  • I'm so sorry you are having a rough day. I would have snapped if I was already feeling down and somebody was so flippant about how they got pregnant without trying. My fingers are crossed for you, please don't lose hope!!

    Me: 27 DH: 35

    TTC #1 Since July 2013

    Started RE Testing July 2014

    2 HSG tests: Right tube is blocked, possible endo.

    TSH elevated, started Synthroid 25 mg daily.

    October, 2014: Femara 5 mg + TI ---> 3 follies on blocked tube side ---> BFN

    November, 2014: Femara + Ovidrel + IUI#1--2 follies (on the good side), 46 mil. motile sperm=BFN

    Nov-Dec 2014: Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #2 (1 follie, 76 mil. motile sperm) + Endometrin=BFN

    January, 2014: Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #3 (1 follie, 38 mil. motile sperm)=???

    New RE appt. scheduled for 1/14.

    3T January Siggy Challenge: New Years Resolutions

    Mine: Lose the weight I put on from booze and cookies over Christmas.


  • I am so sorry that you are having a bad day. That would have pushed me over the edge, also.
    Me-33 DH-36.
    Married 11/10 TTC 11/10
    06/11- diagnosed with PCOS 
    7/11- D&C and benched for a year 
    9/12-4/13-6 rounds of 50 mg Clomid- no sucess 
    6/13- new doc
    7/13-4/14- 6 more rounds of Clomid. 50 mg and then stepped up to 100mg- no success 
    5/14-7/14- took break waiting for new insurance 
    7/14-new insurance= new doc- actually a RE!!!! 
    7/14-HSG and blood test good-PCOS confirmed by new doc 
    10/14 looking forward to 1st IUI w/ Menopur. Blood Test= Negative
    11/14- IUI #2
    w/ Menopur- Blood Test= Negative
    1/15- IUI # 3 w/
    Menopur- Blood Test= Negative
    2/15- Self Benched this cycle
    3/15/15-Suprise BFP on natural cycle!!!! EDD-11/16/15

  • I'm new and I know you don't know me yet, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm sorry for the rough day. It really sucks to get blindsided by things like that. I would also prescribe a bottle of wine. 

    Hoping that this is your cycle. :)

    TTC #1 since summer 2012 | Male Factor Infertility | IVF 2015
    "You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. For you alone I think and plan."

  • I am also new, but just wanted to say I feel for you... Those are the worst kind of announcements... Hugs and fingers crossed for you!!
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