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2 years PP issues

So, I am almost exactly 2 years PP with my DS and for the past few months have had horrible cramp like pains in the middle of my period.  My doctor thinks scar tissue might be the issue so I want to know:

1.  Has anyone had this type of pain?
2.  Has anyone had scar tissue removed?
3.  Any other thoughts?

I am miserable...
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Re: 2 years PP issues

  • I had this. My OB said that it was scar tissue. I also had my scar tissue removed, but I'm 3 weeks pp so idk how it will feel when I get my period. It hurt the most when I was having cramps then it usually went away. I don't think you could randomly have scar tissue removed unless it was causing a medical emergency? I could be wrong, but I remember my OB telling me to take Tylenol and extra fluid.

    If it worse when you cramp make sure you drink a lot of water and it will make the cramps calm down.
  • It was maybe about 1-2 years pp I started experiencing excruciating pain around my ovary with the first day of my period. Like I would be curled up in a ball on the floor. Because it would pass relatively quickly, I never went to the doctor. Finally one day while it was occurring I went to the doctor and she examined me and didn't think it was my ovary. She ordered bloodwork and an ultrasound but of course I couldn't get in to the ultrasound for a few weeks. Those tests showed nothing. The doctor thought it might be gas getting trapped in a certain corner of my large intestine. because I came to expect this pain I would load up on Tylenol and gas meds on my first day of my period and didn't have so much trouble with it anymore. Later, when I was experiencing a missed miscarriage and had several ultrasounds it turned out that that ovary was in a strange position. I still wonder if that Pain was related to that ovary and if the ovary was in a strange place because of my C-section. But I never found out.


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  • I had a laparoscopy to remove scar tissue/adhesions from my uterus and tubes.

    My one tube was completely ruined and my uterus was attached to my abdomen wall and bladder.

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