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Soilds questions for 8 month old

Hello everyone! So I'm reading all this stuff about feeding baby solids. I just don't get it. DD has two bottom teeth and that's it how can she eat noodles small pieces of chicken, even steamed broccoli? Actually she doesn't seem interested in solids much at all. I just read a article from about letting her try cottage cheese even. Won't she chock on these things or am i being over paranoid? I've tried mashed potato's she hated them acted like she was gonna get sick and last night I had gotten her stage 3 baby lasagna and gagged at it, maybe the noodles in it or something. Anyone with any ideas or should i just give her some more time and keep trying?

Re: Soilds questions for 8 month old

  • She doesn't need teeth to eat, her gums are very hard.

    DD has 2 bottom teeth only and she eats everything I prepare for meals. I stayed away from the packaged baby meals. 

    Gagging is very normal and actually a good thing. At this age, their gag reflex is very far up on their tongue, while ours is further back. Gagging is a defines mechanism to avoid chocking.
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  • Agree that you're being paranoid.  DS was eating whatever we were eating at every meal by 8 months and he had four teeth.  The teeth don't really do anything at this point.  They can mash everything between their gums.  Start with fruits and veggies and other soft foods.  Meatballs usually don't require very much chewing at this age.  

    She may gag on the food but that is just her learning how to put the appropriate amount of food in her mouth and chew and swallow.  It's not the same as choking but can be scary to listen to.  

    Also, I'd skip the stage 3 foods.  I find foods prepared at home (steamed carrots, potatoes, bananas) are softer and easier to eat.  But we skipped baby food altogether except apple sauce.  
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  • Thanks everyone :)

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