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Girl names last night, boy names tonight

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We don't have any family names for boys that we're wanting to use, so none of these have significant ties - we just like them. DD1 is Madelyn Josephine, last name 2 syllables. Thanks for your opinions :)

Girl names last night, boy names tonight 127 votes

James Andrew
32% 41 votes
Marcus Andrew
11% 15 votes
Thomas Wesley
25% 32 votes
Samuel James
26% 34 votes
Something else...
3% 5 votes

Re: Girl names last night, boy names tonight

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    1. Thomas Wesley
    2. Samuel James
    3. Marcus Andrew
    4. James Andrew (I feel like this is boring.)
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    Samuel James or James Andrew.

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    Love Marcus!
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    I'm not crazy about any of these combos, but I do like the cadence of all two syllable names... I like Wesley Marcus?
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    I voted Thomas Wesley but prefer Thomas Andrew. All are very nice.
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    Voted James andrew but prefer andrew James


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    James and Thomas are my favorites
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    These are all great names, but I went with Samuel.  GL!


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