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First Time Pregnancy Group

I am new to RI and am also pregnant for the first time!  I would like to start a group with other first time pregnant women. We could meet up for lunch, go for a walk, go shopping or just meet up to talk. This would be a great way to create a network of friends that are also experiencing pregnancy for the first time. I would like to meet up once a week. Please share or send me a message if you are interested. I look forward to meeting you!

Re: First Time Pregnancy Group

  • Hi Jenny,

    I moved to RI in September and found out a week later I'm pregnant! First pregnancy. I'm 39...

    I'd love to get together (after the nausea passes of course!).

  • Hi Jenny,

    This is my first pregnency as well and I would love to join your group. I've been living in RI all my life, currently in Smithfield.

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  • Hi everyone! I'm a first time mom as we'll in east greenwich :). Would love to get together some time!
  • Hi All,

    I'm joining this conversation late, but I am also a FTM in East Greenwich- due in May! Let me know if you have gotten this started!
  • Hi I recently got my BFP and I would love to join a group. Did you start this one up yet? I am due in August.

    Due August 22, 2015 with first LO

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  • I am joining this thread a bit late too...but I am a first time mom, due in May as well. I'm finally feeling well and not nearly as tired! Have you all gotten together yet?
  • JillandMatt827 Hi Jill, I have not heard back from anyone yet. I am thinking of joining a group in January though, its through a place called Rhode Island New Moms Connection. Its not a free group, but its organized and they have themes and moderator. The URL is below.

    If you hear of something a bit more casual let me know! I live in Cranston if that helps.

    Due August 22, 2015 with first LO

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  • Msreposa, thank you for the link. I may check it out a little more in-depth. I am in South County. I see my doc on Jan 16. I am going to ask her for some suggestions. I will update with info if I get any! I'd prefer something casual--as opposed to fee-based. I'll be in touch!
  • I'm a first time Mom due Nov 16 would like to join if I'm not too late!
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