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Car seat placement question

MIL's seat belt in the center of her backseat does not lock out.  Would DD be safer in the middle with the seat belt not locking out or on the side with a seat belt that will lock out?  MIL is worried about the side airbags and DD being on the side. 
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Re: Car seat placement question

  • They have a seat belt tightner, we have the same problem in my DH truck, it just goes on the seat belt and you tighten it down, works great this one is from Target and only $15 diono carseat tightner mighty tight

  • OMG, please don't use the Mighty Tite, it will stretch your seatbelt and wreck it. It is so not recommended. All seatbelts lock in vehicles 1996 and newer, it's required by law. There are several ways it locks, you need to figure out which one it is. And it it doesn't lock, it's broken and needs replacing because that may also mean that the emergency locking retractors could be broken as well. If it's an older non locking belt, you may need a locking clip.

    As always, read your car seat manual, there may be situations where the seat and/or belt you're using are prohibited from using per your manual.
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  • Talk to your local fire department. Many fire fighters receive extensive training on car seat installation.
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