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Ugh waiting for them to come home

I gave birth to 32 week twins. They have been in the Nicu for 35 days. They have no issues and are considered grower/feeders. Once the finish 24 hours of taking their feeds by bottle they will remove their feeding tube. With that being said one of them had an "episode" where he desated and turned blue according to the nurse. We are getting so close at the point but this bys him and automatic 5-6 more days. Which is frustrating because he has never done that before. The nurse who had him that day said she finds it hard to believe it's never happened. She's been a Nicu nurse for 25 yrs which she loves to point out and is retiring Wednesday. The nurse that usually has him during the week backed me up and said he's never had one. She said she has never seen him turn blue. So I'm not sure who to believe and all I want is my babies to come home. I started back to work to save my leave for when they come home and go there every evening. This is exhausting and I feel like a bad mom for wanting to leave and come home to sleep. I guess I just need some encouragement. I know it will be over soon but waiting is frustrating.

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  • I did the same as you and returned to work while my twins were in the NICU, then took my leave when they came home.  At the end of the time they were there, I took a day or two for myself and didn't see them.  It is so exhausting to work full time and go to the hospital at night, you have no down time.  Don't feel bad for taking a day to rest, you need to take care of you, especially before they come home because it's crazy to have twin newborns at home. 
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  • Hang in there, it is rough but once you get them home all that will fade away. We had our boy stay a week longer in the NICU due to feeding/breathing issues, it was such a relief once he stopped having episodes. I tried to tell myself that it was better to error on the side of caution but that only helped half the time.

    Sending good thoughts that they will be home soon!
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  • Hang in there! The last few weeks are the ABSOLUTE toughest. Truly. I was able to keep it together up until that roller coaster of discharge, not discharge, discharge and on and on and on. 

    It WILL happen -- and the best thing -- when they are comfortable discharging, you'll be confident knowing the likelihood of an event occurring at home will be that much less. 
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  • Mom to 32 week twins here too, we did 6 weeks (42 days) and that last week or so was rough. Sometimes it felt like they were holding my babies hostage! Will yours come home on monitors? Mine had occasional Brady's but no apneas and we came home with monitors.. Which are surprisingly reassuring. Hang in there.
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  • Big hugs. You're a great mom. Waiting for them to come home is the hardest part. It's so frustrating when they get close and then it gets taken away at the last second. Hang in there <3

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  • They'll be home soon. The desats were the most frustrating for me. I'd be told she'd get to come home then she'd desat and they'd keep her. I would cry while holding her after that, then hope for tomorrow. Just stay strong, take it one day at a time.
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