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shampoo yet?

Do you use a dab of shampoo when washing new baby? My LO is 4 weeks old and I am thinking a dab should be fine and not too drying. Just trying to see what others do this early on.
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Re: shampoo yet?

  • Yes.  Use a soft bristle brush to wash the hair to help prevent cradle cap too.  We've used burt's bees since week 2 or 3.
  • Yes. We've used both Burt's Bees and Johnson's and prefer the Johnson's. DD has a lot of hair and it seems to get it cleaner.

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  • we use Johnson's head to toe and it works just fine. Been using it since about week 3 or so. 

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  • Interesting, since the hospital use shampoo right away, (at least after 24 hours of birth). They used a dab... mind you my little girl has some hair on her head.
    I also use Arbonne stuff on her if that helps.
  • I just use baby wash but my LO has very little hair.
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  • We use a small amount of baby shampoo every other bath so roughly every 4 days since baths are every other. My grandmother is into essential oils so she bought us the Young Living shampoo and body wash for kids. It actually smells not terrible and LO hasn't had any reactions at all!

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