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Richmond, VA Hospital Choices?

So, I live in the Mechanicsville area, but had always wanted to deliver at St. Mary's.  I have heard it is the best in the RVA area, so naturally, it was my first choice.  However, I live ~7 minutes from MRMC!  Has anyone delivered at MRMC or any other RVA hospitals and have some input?  I am only 8w4d, but I would like to start thinking about it.  Of course, I plan on touring, but thought I would pick your brains :)

(Additionally, I would like a natural birth, and no, a home birth is not an option.  Thanks!)
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Re: Richmond, VA Hospital Choices?

  • Congrats, mama! I've delivered at Chippenham and St. Francis both experiences were okay. I've heard lots of wonderful things about St. Mary's but decided to go with VCU for this delivery because of the midwives, WIRELESS Fetal monitoring and beautiful birthing tubs! The only hospitals (that I know of) in the RVA area that have midwives are VCU and St. Francis. If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that your provider will be the one who sets the tone. I was induced both times and ended up getting epidurals both times due to the fact that I had to stay in bed when on Pit (for the fetal monitoring) and it sucked!  

    If you are looking for a natural, non-medicated birth, I suggest looking up Richmond Birth Junkies on Facebook and please look into getting a doula! ( There is a "Meet the doula night" that takes place once a month and you essentially go through a "speed dating" process of getting a little bit of time to talk to lots of different doulas! It's very informative and fun! (and they give you a little goodie bag too! woohoo!)

     Good Luck and Congrats!

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    Richmond birth junkies and the doulas are wonderful resources for mama's who want a non-medicated birth. There's a TON of support here in RVA! LOOOVE IT! You can also connect with Birth Talk Richmond, they meet once a month in Carytown and are a wonderful group of mamas!

    There are lots of reasons why I decided to go with VCU. Here are the top 5:

    1. Wireless Fetal Monitoring (You can walk! Even if you have been induced)

    2. The baby stays with you! No whisking your baby to the nursery for their check up, shots, prints, etc. My friends who have delivered there said that their baby didn't leave their side ONCE! It will be quite different at other facilities, so make sure you look into what each hospital's procedures are.

    3. You can have more than 2 people in your room! VCU discourages having a "party" in your L&D room, but most of the other hospitals in the area have a 2 visitors per room rule and at JW, it's the same two people until baby is born! (Made one grandma very unhappy. Her daughter was in labor, but the daughter's husband and doula were the only ones allowed to be in the L&D room until their baby was born)

    4. The Midwives practice based on Evidence (checkout and are less likely to pressure you into pain medications and other interventions which aren't necessary.

    5. They are totally cool with water births and giving birth in alternative positions that allow gravity to help you, rather than other hospitals who like the woman on her back, legs in stirrups (and we all know how lovely that is! lol )

    Sorry to ramble.... I wanted to just add all of this to my OP, but the board just didn't want me to do it...gah! lol

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  • You rock!  Thanks for all of the info!  I had a friend who recently delivered at VCU and LOVED it.  Something to think about for SURE.
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  • You are quite welcome! :)

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  • I delivered my first this past Dec at St Marys and it was a great experience. From the facility (parking, L&D, post partum rooms, etc) to the staff our family had nothing but positive experiences. They have "magic hour" immediately following birth where only the parents are allowed to be with the baby and encourage skin to skin contact as often as possible. We roomed in with our baby for even more bonding time. My best advice is to tour each hospital to get a feel for the environment to see what feels right for you. The nurses and staff play a big part in your care during labor, delivery, and post partum if you don't go with a midwife. My OB is great but she was pretty much there to catch my baby. Get a feel for the staff as much as you can during your tours. Good luck!
  • Thank you!  I have an appointment on Wednesday, and plan to ask if I can tour early... if I want to deliver at St. Mary's, I have to switch docs, and I would rather do that sooner than later! 
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  • Thanks for all the info on MCV, I had decided on St Francis because of the midwives, they're the only Bon Secours hospital in Richmond that have them (so far!). However I was super disappointed to find out that we can only "labor" in the tubs and not birth. My midwife (whom I love!!!!!) has even told me that the nursing staff *strongly dislikes* midwife moms and not to expect them to be very supportive at all. She also encouraged me to get a doula because we will be in the hospital, she will have other patients to tend to and it would not be as one on one as she'd like. I appreciate her honesty and kinda think she's hinting towards a home birth.... But it makes me nervous not to be at a hospital if something were to happen. It's my first and I don't know what to expect! I have watched documentaries and read a ton of articles and books and would like the most relaxed and personal experience possible. I would like to hear more from Moms who have delivered at MCV with their midwives!
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