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Another flu shot thread.

This is not a "should I get the flu shot" thing.

What I am wondering is if it is recommended for our babies to get it. I plan on asking at his 9 month well check, but was curious.

Besides, it's slow around here anyway.
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Re: Another flu shot thread.

  • what @itsmeally said. We were told that babies should in fact get 2 flu shots 4-5 weeks apart. 
  • Poor kiddo, I didn't realize she needed 2. I'm taking her to the pediatrians tomorrow for her flu shot with the nurse. I'll have to check when her 9 month checkup is next month so hopefully she can just get the second one then.
  • Oh wow. I had no idea they needed two! Poor babies!
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    Patrick: born at home on January 14, 2014

  • I, honestly, didn't know they could get the flu shot. Our old pediatrician told us DD couldn't have it until she was 2.
  • @SandFHasse -- um, does your pediatrician not follow CDC and/or AAP recommendations? I would be questioning things right about now.

    [Deleted User]LabPupLuv
  • Flu vaccines are creepy!!!!
  • Agree with @itsmeally
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  • Pedi said we'd get first one at 9 month appt.
  • @peanutmuse We switched peds after a few months of that one. I had a lot of problems with that office. Her new doctor is awesome. DS goes to him too and I'm sure he will be getting his then. Guess I should get DD in at the same time.
  • Flu vaccines are creepy!!!!
    uh ok. My mom is in a long term care facilty with kidney failure due to the h1n1 she acquired last year. Flu shots are SO important so please don't say stupid and immature things like flu shots are creepy.

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  • Flu vaccines are creepy!!!!
    Yeah, cooties, too.

    Flu vaccines are extremely underrated, especially for elderly people, children and babies with weaker immune systems. It's especially important for these people to receive the vaccine. It's very unkind and thoughtless of you to trivialize such an important matter by calling it "creepy."
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  • I've always had a hard time getting MH to get one.  He usually puts up a fight because he always gets a little sick for 3-5 days (basically a mild flu) after the shot.  Last year I told him that from here on out he had to get it every year.  Just not worth the risk.  Luckily, he agrees.
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  • Flu vaccines are creepy!!!!

    @Laneybaby82 -- people who never posted in J14 before and decide to make weird comments are creepy.

    Ditto. Ha ha!!!

  • Dd got her first one yesterday and will get the second at her 9 month checkup next month.

    I never used to get them until I got what was most likely the flu 7-8 years ago and it SUCKED! I've been getting it since and I have never gotten sick from the vaccine. DH hates needles and he gets one every year too.

    The influenza virus can be extremely dangerous, people can die from having the flu, and little babies like ours are especially at risk. The flu vaccine is definitely not creepy.
  • Our insurance is through an HMO and I had to have customer service call around to all of the clinics to find the flu shot for children under 3 because our clinic was out. Then my husband had to take off work early in order to get DS to the one clinic in the tri-county area that had any, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I had H1N1 when I was in college and it was miserable. I do not want DS to ever have to go through that if it can be avoided.

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