we're matched!

we are doing a private adoption, and i fully expected this to take a looonnng time. we hooked up with an adoption facilitator about 5 hours from where we live and HOLY SMOKES, our sweet birthmother named us to her top 2, met with us yesterday, and picked us on the spot! she didn't even want to meet with the other couple in her top 2! i have never cried so much in my life- from joy, jubilation, excitedness, nervousness, fear, anxiety, worry, etc.  we just can't believe this is actually happening!! our first meeting with the lawyer/facilitator was over labor day weekend, and now we're matched- less than a month in. God is amazing and we are seeing His hand in everything. 

forgive me for coming on here and just exploding with excitement- we haven't even told our families yet and i HAD to tell someone. and this group has taught me so much and i'm so appreciative. 

baby BOY will be coming home in January 2015!! YAY!!
trying for #1 since May 2012... we're adopting! bringing home baby boy in january 2015!

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Texas forever. 
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