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Running out of ways to keep them entertained

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Outside of feeding, holding, and making eye contact and talking directly to them, nothing seems to be working. At least for one of my high needs boy. DD is pretty low key and can keep herself busy. But I feel anchored to DS. If he's not attached to me, he'll scream. It's very difficult to get anything done or give attention to DD.

We have a bouncy chair, swing, and play mat. So far he does not like any carriers. They're not quite ready for the exersaucer. Anything else I should try? I'm willing to buy another apparatus if it comes to that!

DS1 was fairly mellow so this is new to me.

ETA: they are almost 4 months old.

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Re: Running out of ways to keep them entertained

  • Do you have the play mat with the kick piano? Both of my babies love it, but they are just 13 weeks. Even my girl, who has had no interest in any of the other toys, really enjoys it. Good luck!

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  • I could have written that. I don't have much advice but it will get better. Once they can sit up it's much easier. My DS was very needy & I just had to let things go. I often would sit with them both on the floor in front of me so DD was included. Around 6 mo they started sitting & being interested in small toys. Now at almost 11 mo they can play on their own together. It's hard but will get easier. Once we started food at 6 mo, setting them in the highchairs made cooking & cleaning the kitchen possible. I would give big pieces of cucumbers or mum mums to play with. This will pass and both will be fine. I often felt bad for DD but she is just more content & independent.
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  • Both my boys seem to be pretty high maintenance and are both shitty sleepers as well. It's hard. We started the exersaucer about 4.5 months and that's heaped sometimes. but really most of my days are spent holding one in my lap and the other on the play mat singing, reading, cooing, dangling toys in front of them. I'm just waiting for it to get better. 
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  • The bouncy seat we had has a thing with birds hanging above their heads, I hung 2 toys on them. They where made by bright stars called chime alongs, they are bright and make a wind chime noise when you hit them. They loved to look at them and eventually started batting at them, I also stuck one of those vibrating pull toys to hang in front of them to play with. Besides that I would sing to the a lot and play a lot of music for them, lullabies, muppets radio on pandora that sort of thing. Have you tried a moby wrap or sling? My daughter who needed to be held a lot loved to be wrapped in the moby and I would put my other in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood. It was the only way she would sleep for a while ! Other than that we did not do much the first few months, mine hated tummy time until they where much older.
  • The PP have given some great ideas.  I also loved (and still do) to go on walks in the stroller.  For some reason being outside always seems to calm down my kids when they are fussy.  If it was rainy/too cold/too hot I would just go to Target and walk around there for 30 min or so in between feedings.  
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