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The Lil Emperor is now 2!!!!


Last Thursday, on the 25th, we hit the milestone of TWO!!!!! I can not believe that I have a two year old! Time has really flown by. The weekend before his actually birthday, I had a small party for him at Peter Piper Pizza (like Chuck E. Cheese without the mouse). My parents came to visit and my god children tagged along with them. Yes, the ex was there and it was funny to see him around my parents. My mom said he was kind of nervous but she told him it was okay and gave him a hug and they were having a convo. And the same was with my Pops. Afterwards, my mom told me that she doesnt hate him or dislike him... that much. She just wants him to contribute a little more and get out of his own world.

I didnt get to spend too much of his actual bday with him because I had to work a 12 hour day but him and the nanny partied like rockstars all day!!!

Over the weekend, we went to the zoo. The three of us. It was nice that it seems that his dad and I can try to be friends and have idle chit chat conversation but there is something underlying on both of our parts and neither one of us wants to say anything.

But I wanted to share about my two year old!!! I will post something else later...
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Re: The Lil Emperor is now 2!!!!

  • Happy birthday lil emporer!

    Im glad he had a good birthday and that every one was able to get along for him.

    Also im glad that you and his dad can be civil. Thats so important. You guys will always be in each others lives you might as well be civil and make it bearable.
  • Happy birthday little guy!!
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    Throwing leaves <3
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  • Happy Birthday!  He's so cute! I'm so glad you got to do so much with him, it sounds like he had a great couple of days :)
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  • For his 1st birthday, I didnt do anything! His grandmothers threw him birthday parties (he had one in Beaumont, TX my hometown and then one in Sacramento, CA during the Thanksgiving holiday with the ex's family), so this was my year to do something for him.

    I made sure to have a little something put to the side so I could something small for him and I was very surprised at how inexpensive it cost me. I know if I would have done something at the house, it would have been cheaper but this worth it. And the zoo was free for him anyway. LOL
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  • Happy birthday!! Glad it all worked out so well!
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