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Similac/Enfamil Coupons $5 off

Does anyone have Enfamil but needs Similac? I would be willing to trade or mail them to you. Thanks!

Re: Similac/Enfamil Coupons $5 off

  • I don't have any Enfamil ones currently, but we get them regularly & are planning to test & see if LO will tolerate Similac this weekend. Hope to switch because we can get similac sensitive at bulk food store for cheaper. If we switch I'm happy to send you any Enfamil ones we get in the future. Sign up on the Enfamil site too & they will start to send to you.
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  • PM me your address and I will mail you what I have!  I have someone else that wants coupons too so I will split them up.  Thanks for keeping me in mind when you get Enfamil ones!  
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