Please tell me your opinion...maybe being paranoid. — The Bump
Pregnant after 35

Please tell me your opinion...maybe being paranoid.

Good afternoon ladies,

Just wanted to get your opinion. I turned 36 about a month ago. I had my son 6 years ago at age 30. DH and I tried to ttc starting in August and in September using OPKs. So 2 cycles. Not pregnant. Is it time to seek testing from an RE or am I being paranoid after only 2 cycles. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks.

Re: Please tell me your opinion...maybe being paranoid.

  • I am 36 and it took 4mths before I got pregnant.
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  • I would suggest charting. Every person I know who charted (even just temps) had a MUCH easier time getting pregnant over those using other methods....
  • Definitely temp, chart and use OPK's. I am 36 and it took us 4 cycles to conceive.
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  • I am 35 and it took us 4 months with charting and OPKs, even perfect timing. I would give it the full 6 months before worrying.
  • Thank you ladies. Feeling a lot less paranoid.
  • i am 39 and it took us 6 months to conceive.  a vast difference from the 23 months it took me to conceive #1 when i was 37 (we started TTC #1 when i was 35).   two months is a bit early to start worrying, but i second others who suggest charting.  it will make you feel like you're "doing" something, and if it comes time to see a doctor you will be a step ahead because you'll know your cycles very well.  also, consider getting a clear blue easy monitor.   
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