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Pregnant after 35

You know the feeling....

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When you put your pants on and you feel like maybe there is a sock stuck in the pant leg? Well yesterday I put on my pants, got that feeling, checked the mirror but it all looked fine. Went to the gas station, dropped my girls off at my mother-in-law's and headed to work. When I got to work I tried to tuck my pockets back in my pants and they were freaking on backwards! Literally the butt was cradling my bump! Luckily my top was so long nobody noticed (even me apparently)! How embarrassing!!

The joys of almost being done!

Have a great Sunday ladies ;-)


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Re: You know the feeling....

  • Lol!!
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  • Lol! So sorry preggo brain is awful !
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  • Haha too funny.

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  • both stories are super funny!!
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  • This is a bit different but also related to prego clothing... So I got used to pulling up and adjusting the full panel on all the pants that have it, and if. I have a shirt over top of it, I just hike it up and yank the darn thing till my pants are up. Well today I was getting groceries with my DD and I was wearing a pair of mat leggings and a mat DRESS, not shirt, a dress. Well one point I caught myself hiking the dress up to adjust my leggings.... Ooopppsss... I hiked up my dress and started pulling my leggings up... Hopefully nobody noticed....
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