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This weekend's adventures

Ours include impetigo. What are you all up to?
AnnRenee 1/21/03
Luke 12/30/2013

Re: This weekend's adventures

  • I just did an 8 hour road trip with my 8 month old yesterday. She did amazing thankfully! Spending the week with my parents now while hubby is away for work. Happy weekend everyone! (or at least what's left to it)
  • Yesterday I went to a consignment sale and bought DD clothes for fall and winter. I got those washed and packed away her summer stuff. Unfortunately I didn't find any new toys for her.

    Not sure what we'll do today. The weather is great this weekend and it won't be for much longer so I'm probably going to drag DH out for a walk or something.
  • @KrystalCrockett‌
    I hope your LO feels better soon
  • Yesterday the kids and I went garage saling with my mom and then played at her house to wait out the storm. We decided it was calm enough to drive home and since we were almost out of formula we did. Bad idea. I had to turn off one road just so I could see, but then had to turn off that road because the power lines were coming down. We ended up pulled over because we couldn't see. The wind was so bad my car was shaking. We followed a guy to the grocery store where DH met us and followed him home.

    Depending on the storm today we will probably just be staying home.
  • @thegreatbeyond Thanks!  Luckily he doesn't "feel" bad, we are just under quarantine.  A child at daycare had it this week and yesterday the blisters started. He's still a happy boy, though!
    AnnRenee 1/21/03
    Luke 12/30/2013
  • We are going to a fairy tale ball today. Hopefully it will be fun

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  • Yesterday was the town wide flea market followed by an autumn festival with pumpkin painting. Today is a first birthday party for my cousins son.

  • @KrystalCrockett‌ I hope your LO is feeling better soon.

    @SandFHasse‌ that sounds so scary! I hope the storm lets up and you all stay safe.

    We have some heavy teething going on in this house. My poor girl. She is still pretty happy most of the time but she is in pain and nothing seems to help for too long. We also took DD to the pumpkin patch yesterday. She was tired and sore from her teeth but she liked looking around and waved at all of the animals. It was so cute.

  • No storm today so my mom and I took DD to Build a Bear and Target to spend the rest of her birthday money.

    @km_md Not going to lie, I balled my eyes out while both kids slept through it all.
  • @KrystalCrockett‌ aw poor baby.

    We spend the weekend getting organized in our new house
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    Its a surprise! Team green!

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