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When did your formula fed baby start STTN?

When did your formula fed baby start STTN? I know some people think that sleep is unrelated to baby being FF or BF.

DS is almost 6 mos and drinks 28 oz formula during the day and 2 meals of solids each day. He does about a 6-7 hour stretch and wakes. It's weird though bc he doesn't cry's like he's trying to fall back to sleep but can't. Crying starts after about 10-15 mins. I feed a 4 oz bottle and put down in crib. He remains awake sometimes up to an hour, not crying.

If hunger was what woke him, I would think he'd go back to sleep quickly. He's never been a great sleeper. Now that I'm back to work I just want him to STTN!!

Re: When did your formula fed baby start STTN?

  • My LO started sleeping 8+ hours at about 5-6 weeks (we FF from birth).  He's now sleeping from about 8 until 6:30-7ish on non-work days.  He was a pretty good sleeper from birth.  We only had 2 MOTN feedings for a couple of weeks before it dropped to one.  When we had 2 MOTN feedings, we were getting a 4-5 hour stretch before the first feeding.
  • My DD was part BM part FF. Does that count? She dropped her 3am feeding around 2mo. I still continued to give her a dream feed at 10-11pm for as long as I was able to wake her enough to eat. But around 2m she surprised and didn't wake till morning.
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  • DD started 12 hr stretches at 6 wks. DS started 11 hour stretches at 8 weeks. Have you tried white noise? DS can't put himself back to sleep without the white noise machine. It's the strangest thing.
  • ds#1 was FF from day one and he first STTN at 17 months old

    ds#2 was FF starting at 3 weeks and first STTN at 13 months old

    I don't have babies that really like to sleep!

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