Frustrated to Tears

I am just so beyond frustrated with our agency. I am so tired of asking questions and not getting straight answers. Just one example- I asked today if I was correct that their were 11 couples approved and waiting with the agency (as that is what is on their website). I got a 'no, some couples opt not to advertise via the website'. Okay, I totally respect that... but then you're just basically ignoring the questions.

We're just shy of 20 months. Our profile has been shown twice (Feb '13 and May '13). The agency hasn't worked with any expectant mothers since May.

We know we probably need to sign on with a national agency, but we just don't have the extra $10,000.

I hate how much this whole process costs and how hard it is. We just want to be parents. I truly thought that our fifth loss, our son at 17 weeks, was the darkest times but I'm starting to feel like that was just a warm up to this crazy adoption roller coaster.

I feel like something needs to change or my head is gonna go pop!
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Re: Frustrated to Tears

  • Sending lots of Hugs your way! 
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  • I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I know it's tough. 
  • Those #'s are really low....I wouldn't sign on with another agency, but rather with a group of referral agencies. If you pick around 5 you shouldn't spend more than maybe 3k and most of them won't charge you unless you are matched through them.
  • So sorry you're having such a rough time. Those numbers are kind if riduculous and I think your agency is irresponsible to continue taking new families knowing that. Hope something changes for the better soon.
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  • I'm so sorry. I hope you find a way to speed things up within your budget soon.
  • So sorry!



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  • (((hugs)))
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  • Hugs to you!


  • Hugs.
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  • I just sent you a PM. Hope it helps.
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  • I am sorry to hear that... I hate this process too. Hugs to you and wish you a better time with this process.
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