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Anyone still not walking?

My lo just turned 17 months and still won't let go of my hand! She's been cruising and handholding since 14 months and has mastered the art of gracefully falling to her knees when I let go. She can stand independently when she doesn't realize she's doing it, so I'm pretty sure this is psychological and that she's physically able to do it. Anyone else in the same boat?
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Re: Anyone still not walking?

  • DS has been walking for a while, but with all three of my kids standing independently without realizing it was a precursor for walking. They all went from there to standing independently on purpose, and then to taking a few steps pretty quickly.

    Your LO will get there soon, I'm sure! She's already on the way. :)  (If you're still really concerned, by all means, call your doc for peace of mind.)

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  • I would definitely be more worried if she didn't have the muscle tone and wasn't able to walk without assistance. I. Sure she's just taking her sweet time to perfect her skill so when she does it independently she'll be a pro!
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  • Not anymore, but Rhys did this for a LONG time. It was definitely mental. The only thing that got him finally walking alone was hanging out with a couple other toddlers who were walking all over. He picked it up right away!

    PS, maybe just stop holding her hand for a few days and see if she'll start doing it by herself given no other option but to crawl again?


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  • My daughter just started walking earlier this week. She is a little over 17 months. The moment she realized she could stand and start walking she hasn't stopped moving.
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  • DS did this until about 6 weeks ago. I think it was psychological more than anything :)
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  • DD is about 18 1/2 months and still not walking!!!  Close, but not yet.  
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