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Good Sam or Christ Hospital?

With my first pregnancy I delivered at Good Sam. It went pretty well, and I would still recommend it to others. However there were a few issues I would really like to avoid this time around. I had requested a private room but it was not available. So I had to share my room with another mom, and it made it extremely awkward. Using the bathroom is embarrassing enough right after birth, but especially because I had to walk past her and her family to get to the bathroom. Plus it was really loud and there was no privacy at all. Secondly, I really wanted to breastfeed but my child wouldn't latch. I asked for help and a nurse helped for about a minute and said she just won't latch. I got not more help so resorted to a bottle so she wouldn't starve. I have researched that Christ has all private rooms (which is a HUGE plus for me), and they also have hydrotherapy suites, which I am planning on using as I'm going for a natural birth. Also, in case I would need it, I see they have a "gentle c-section" option, which seems much better than a traditional c-section. I was just hoping for some insight on anyone who has used Christ for birthing and how it went. 


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