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Anyone tried peanuts yet?

Hi ladies,

I'm just curious if anyone has given their infant any type of nut yet.  DS is 8 months old this week.  We think he is allergic to milk so I am trying to do my research on alternatives to milk for when he turns one and is supposed to have cow's milk.  I'm considering almond milk, but I'm not sure what I can use to replace the good fats he would get from cow's milk (he doesn't like avocado and peanut butter might be dangerous).  Anyway, doc said he should be eating yogurt right now, but I'd like to try almond milk yogurt with him.  But what if he is allergic to almonds?  What age is it ok to start them on nuts?  Ugh!  Has anyone else been through this? 


Re: Anyone tried peanuts yet?

  • Peanuts are not the same as tree nuts.  It is 2 completely different food types.  However, you haven't mentioned a specific reason you think he would be allergic to either. 

    You only mentioned a 'maybe' allergy to milk.  Why do you think he is allergic to milk?  Did he have an intolerance as an infant when you had dairy?  Most children will grow out of this intolerance before they are a year old.  If it truely is an allergy you can talk with a nutritionist about what you could supplement with instead.  Our medical center has a nutritionist on staff or you can get a referral by the pedi.

    Either way, I would talk to the pedi to see what they think about trying either peanuts or almonds.  Since we don't have any food allergies anywhere in the family history I haven't worried about trying things too much.  I haven't let him go hog wild but he has gotten a lick of PB and has eaten many other allergen risk foods. 

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  • We haven't tried them yet. DD is a week shy of 8 months. My H has almond, hazelnut and peanut allergies so I'm hesitant but I plan to start soon. We are trying dairy next week (yogurt and cheese) and then it's PB.
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  • rgoblue said:
    If you suspect food allergies, I would recommend seing an allergist. Sloane is being tested now due to an avocado allergy and it's much better to actually know there's an allergy versus just speculating. They can also give you tips and help you come up with strategies if contact occurs. The testing isn't bad at all either; no tears for us!
    This.  DD (my almost 3yearold) had a milk and soy intolerance that lasted for quite a while, so before we started dairy with her the pedi referred her for allergy testing just in case.  We had her tested for peanuts and treenuts at the same time. 

    Also, a lot of childrens hospitals have dieticians on staff who are completely free/ low cost with referral from a pedi.

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  • No peanuts for us yet. Just fruits, veggies, chicken and Turkey.
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  • I haven't done nuts yet.  like other posters have said, tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews etc.) are different from peanuts which is a legume.


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  • My daughter has a milk intolerance.  I am on a dairy free diet.  I tried diary at 6 months and she still reacted.  I am supposed to try it again every 3 months.  As soon as DD's tooth breaks through, I will try it again.  If she is still sensitive to it at 1 year, I will keep breastfeeding.  In addition, my pediatrician said to alternate the types of milk she has if I supplement to my breast milk.  Use a carton of almond milk, then hemp milk, rice milk, etc.  Variety is good!

    I am not going to try peanuts with my daughter until at least 1 year. 
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