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Paternity test?

hey ladies
What's the most reliable paternity test while pregnant? I saw a lot of good and bad stuff on nipp.

Re: Paternity test?

  • I wouldn't trust any paternity test not done by a professional in a hospital /clinic. But that's just me.
  • I'd have to agree.  There is huge margin of error in doing it on your own.  I would recommend talking to someone at a clinic.
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  • Would a normal ob have capabilities?
  • Talk to your ob, if your ob cant they can refer you to someone who can
  • when you apply for Child Support in Massachusetts they request a paternity test so they make sure there going after the right daddy. We had two done with my son we went thru a private testing facility that we found online that high review we spent close $300 on it. Then when i went after him for child support they insisted on a DNA test prior to setting up the hearing for child support costs.

    Both tests for us came back exactly the same 99.999% he was the father. Nothing i didn't already know.  

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