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No consonants

Any other babies not making consonant sounds yet?  

I'm telling myself every baby is different so it's okay that he's not yet, but DD was doing lots of noises at this point and DS is just all vowels.  Lots and lots of them and very happy vowels but i want to hear some mama, dada, baba, etc.  Just curious is there is anyone else in the same boat.  Meanwhile he's already pulling up on stuff and even cruising a couple steps which DD didn't do until about 14 months.  So clearly i have some give and take going on.

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Re: No consonants

  • Both my LO's are early with vocal milestones but seem to be average or later with physical milestone. While my nephews are the exact opposite early with physical and average or later with vocal. It's all different based on the child. It's tough because I see other babies crawling and even walking by now and my baby is just content. But just remember they always take their own pace. :-) I wouldn't be worried.
  • 8 1/2 months and I rarely get consonant sounds. I may get an occasional G sound, but its mostly just aaahhhs, gurgling and growls. Like others, I think she's putting more of her energy into physical milestones as she is cruising furniture very well.

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  • No consonants, no cruising. He will be 9 months on Tuesday.
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  • Just coming up on 9 months and he only started the consanants a week ago.  But when it did start it just took off.  Apparently he screeched 'mamamama' at DC all day yesterday.  He is army crawling but not crawling on knees and he can't quite pull himself up yet. 
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  • I think there is something to the vocal versus motor milestones. My son still isn't even crawling, and he is 8.5 months. But he has tons of consonants and says mama, dada, baba, gaga, etc (DH likes to argue that he knows what he is saying when he says dada, but obviously he does not, considering he says it to me and also the dog! Haha...). I'm sure it all evens out in the end.
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  • To be honest I haven't paid any real attention to the kinds of sounds she makes. She'll talk when she's ready.
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  • Maybe a consonant here or there but nothing consistent. Tons of other noises, though. She's very vocal, so I'm not worried about it. 
  • No consonants, no cruising. He will be 9 months on Tuesday.

    This. 9 months on the 10th. She Has been a late bloomer. But when she gets it she's a pro like she's been doing it forever. she is a talker though. She started sitting consistently at 7 months. I know some babies do it waaayy sooner. I expect this with crawling and walking too. She also seems lazy.never wants to move even if you bribe her.
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