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Surprise 3rd baby..we have NOTHING, need some buying tips ;)

Hey!  So baby #3 was not even a blip on our radar, and I'm still very early on in the pregnancy, but I've been pricing some things out.  I found a gender neutral car seat at BUY BUY Baby that I really love, and haven't been able to find anywhere else, but between it and the other things we really NEED..wholy moly it's going to get expensive!  Does anyone have any tips or tricks for shopping at buy buy baby?  When do they have big deals or sales?  TIA!

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Re: Surprise 3rd baby..we have NOTHING, need some buying tips ;)

  • If you are part of any local playgroups, they may do a swap or have a way for people to sell items their kids have outgrown. Would definitly make sure to get the carseat new (if you have not checked, Car Seats for the Littles has reccomended seats. There are some infant seats that tend not to fit small/average sized new borns and same goes for convertible seats so would check to make sure the seat is a reccomended one.

    Also, with two other kids, would think a carrier/ring sling of some kind would be useful, maybe (or maybe not) a stroller.
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  • I would be flexible with regards to the car seat - if you find the same make and model but in a discontinued color that isn't the color you want, that might be a better deal. Depending on the brand of the car seat though, you might be able to get it cheaper elsewhere. I got my Chicco Keyfit a couple of weeks ago on Target's website - it was on sale for 20% off and I was able to use coupons for an additional 25% off (I texted them to get a 10% off coupon for online orders and also has a 15% registry completion coupon) so I got a great deal on it.

    Another alternative is Albee Baby - they usually have coupons and they don't charge sales tax in most states.

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  • First off, congrats!! My second son is almost 7 years younger than the first. We also had to start completely over with baby gear. The good thing about that is it made me really do my research and decide what I really needed and what I could live without. I agree with PPs that buying the car seat and crib (if you get one) New is important. I stalked Amazon abd ended up catching a 25% off sale on a day Graco released a new color. I knew I didn't need a fancy stroller so I got a cheaper one in the same color that day too. BRU also has trade in events twice a year (April and Nov ish if I remember right.) where you trade in old baby gear and get a 25% off coupon for new gear. So you can get a cheap crappy high chair for a $1 at a garage sale and trade it in for 25% off your car seat.

    Other things I did was frequent consignment shops and garage sales for things that could easily be cleaned, and I registered at BBB and BRU to get on their mailing lists for 20% off coupons to use on times I could find or didn't want to buy used.

    Oh and I BF and cloth diapered to help save $ to. Although I ended up loving both and now do it for other reasons than just saving money.
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  • Buy floor model furniture from Buy Buy Baby! We did that for our baby's dresser and saved hundreds. We bought a brand new crib and it arrived with just as many tiny dings as the floor model dresser.
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