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WWYD?! TMI super gross

We are currently potty training DD. She's been doing really good. This morning the kids were in the playroom and it got quiet so I got up (laying on floor super nauseous) and go to the playroom. I find DD has peed and pooped on the floor. That's not the worst part.

DS was eating her poop. Cue throw up.

What do I do? Do I need to call his doctor or something?

Re: WWYD?! TMI super gross

  • It is a normal thing for kids to play with their poop while potty training.  Very gross, but normal.  I guess eating it is their way to examine it even further?  Ugg.  I hope it doesn't happen again.  Good luck! 
  • @holly142 She didn't eat her own poop. LO ate it for her.

    @danaadell I called my mom. She said call the doctor. They don't open until 10. Totally not sharing this with anybody else.
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  • @danaadell Thank you. Makes me feel a little better. I found an article on one of the poison control sites. I'm sure he will be fine. Just super grossed out.
  • I hate to out myself but apparently when I was around our LOs age I pulled my diaper off in the night a smeared poop all over my crib and the wall and also ate some. I'm fine and I'm sure he will be too


  • Oh no! I have a friend who's son did this in his crib. He pooped, ate it, smeared it everywhere & poor thing has a white crib. So gross. She had a lot to clean! She ended up putting him a sleep sack for a while to prevent this from happening all of the time & to teach him that he can't do that. She used the zipadee zip and it worked great bc he could still move around.
  • My cousin, now 32, did this....she has pics to prove it. Haha. He will be fine. Just keep flushing it with water...brush his teeth, too, to get the taste out. This will be a great story in 15 years...

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  • Oops.  Sorry.  I missed that DS was eating DD's poop.  Poor DS.  How is he doing today?  Glad to see that other people have survived it without getting sick.  I love that some have pictures to prove it!    
  • Thank you ladies and thanks for sharing your own stories. I think it grossed me out more then anything, especially since I'm a huge germaphobe.

    @holly142 It's ok. He is doing good today. He didn't get sick from it at all yesterday so that's good.
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