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What can I do about Restless legs

Hi everyone
I'm 13 weeks 5 days today. For the last week I've had very bad Restless legs at night, so bad they are keeping me up. Does anyone have any advice to make this not as severe?

Re: What can I do about Restless legs

  • Yes, Actually I've had really bad allergies so I've been taking Benadryl on the days I can't breath. Maybe that's it. I've never had issues with restless legs before.
  • My mom takes calcium and magnesium before bed for RLS, maybe ask your doctor about that?
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  • You can't take the regular meds for restless legs while pregnant. I have it really bad! I read that having nighttime massage, stretching and hot bath right before bed might help, so I'm going to try that tonight.
  • The hot bath sounds amazing. I will try this tonight. Thanks so much
  • Ugh I get it whenever I start getting really sleepy. So annoying. Sometimes stretching my legs helps. I will stretch my toes back toward my knees. I am sure you have tried everything. One suggestion I heard is eating a banana. Maybe for potassium.

  • I never tried it before but ive heard of an old tale that if you put a little bit of bars of soap in your socks, itll work. Ive heard from a few people of this and they swore of it.
  • I had this before pregnancy also and trying to take in some extra potassium and a hot bath usually helps me settle down :) Good luck! 
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  • Magnesium works for me. I use Natural Calm.
  • Either straight magnesium like natural calm or cal/mag (natural calm has a cal/mag as well). Also electrolytes in all liquids, like e-lytes or bio ocean.
  • Static yoga poses that cause you to really wear out your legs help me. I mean, hold those things until your legs are shaking!

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