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LO is recently spitting up since I went from BM to Formula. My pedi has me trying a new formula that is gentler and then we may go to the Enfamil AR. Did your pedi have you switch different types until you found the right fit or medication was prescribed? I went through this 3 yrs ago with my son and remember it being a nightmare. If you did switch, how long did your pedi. recommend you wait in between switches. I get so fed up with the 10 different answers you hear if you talk to 10 diff. professionals. 
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Re: switching formulas

  • We didn't have this issue but just a thought. Could it be due to amount you feed or the speed of the nipple? Have you tried feeding smaller amts but more frequently? And using a super slow flow nipple? Just tossing ideas out there.
  • We are on feeding type number 9 starting today. It is a process to find what works. We got Zantac while I was still breastfeeding him and it seems to help a bit.

    We have been through BF, supplementing, Enfamil newborn, Enfamil Infant, Enfamil AR, bottles made with 1/2 infant, 1/2 AR, a second added rice starch brand, sensitive and now we are trying hypoallergenic.

    One of the things that really seems to help is not giving him a lot. We are feeding him 4 ounces every 2 hours. and on really bad days he is getting 2 ounces every 2 hours. It helps to not overfill him and also if he does vomit instead of just spit up which we have had problems with, he isn't bringing up as much. Once we find the right formula (which seems like it may never happen at this point, I'm discouraged) then we will start upping his ounces as he shows signs of wanting it.

    With the Infant we made the switch to AR within 2 days. We did the mixed bottles for probably 2-3 weeks before switching. We did the trial of sensitive for 4 days. My pedi wants us to give the newest switch 5-6 days before we look into a new route.
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  • My first DD spit up the least with similac sensitive (orange container), but she was a "happy Spitter" for 9 months of her life.
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