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Are any of you a member of a moms group? When and where do you meet? What do you do? Do you enjoy it? How did you find one? Has anyone started one?

I live in a small town and have been unable to find a moms group that meets at a time when working moms can attend. There is a MOPs and a couple other ones that meet at churches on weekday mornings but nothing on a Saturday morning.

I have considered trying to start one but am not really even sure where to start. I briefly read through the starting a group section on the MOPs page but I'm not sure I have that much time to invest in this. Also, I'm really just looking for something to do with DD that gets us out of the house for a bit on Saturdays and gives me a chance to meet some other moms.

I seem to know a lot of acquaintances with small children but none of them have kids really close in age. Like I'm not going to invite a coworker who has a 2 year old over for a play date with my 8 month old, GWIM.

So does anybody have any info/advice? Thanks!

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  • I started one with ladies I know from high school, but they are all working moms so its hard to get together. I'm hoping the other ladies will be able to do stuff with us soon or that the kids and I befriend some people at story time that we can hang with.

    I have a few activities planned for next month. Ex. Boo at the zoo, gain night, safety fest.
  • My mom's group meets at each other's houses when the weather is bad or there is no where special to go, at parks in the city, out in the woods for baby hikes, or at events like the city Halloween party for kids in October
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  • I'm in MOPS, I used to be in a few from meetup.com, I may join stroller strides and there's Moms clubs of whatever town or city you live in. It's a national club. I'm not from here, so I HAD to join groups, which I would have never done before kids. I would have gone mad! A lot of working moms would appreciate Saturday play dates.

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  • You guys are all welcome to join my so far non existent moms group, lol! And please bring wine, or beer, beer is good too.

    Unfortunately meet up isn't an option, as it doesn't seem like anyone in the area uses it. There is only one group total listed for my area and it hasn't had any activity for over a year. I joined a "moms of (my town name)" Facebook group but the only activity is a maybe once a week posting selling used baby stuff.

    Hosting play dates at my house for more than 1 other kid is going to be hard as my house is really small. There are several parks in the area which will be great for now but not sure where we could meet once it gets cold.

    I might just contact the local MOPs group and see if any of the members know other working moms who might be interested. Maybe I could try contacting churches or the library to see if they have space we could use.
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    I started one with for spouses of people at the coast guard unit my husband is stationed at. I figured, a lot of us had babies and none of us are from where we're living. So far it's going good, there are about 7 of us with babies ranging from 5 months-18 months. I wish we met more but other than that im just happy to get out of the house and talk to adults. Even if we do mostly talk about babies.


  • Internet franz FTW!

    I also use meetup but J14 for lyfe yo!
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  • No formal group, but I'm active within my church. Lots of kids.
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  • I go to a couple of free drop in activities, but I don't go to any informal mom-led play groups since I moved to this city from my old community. Before I moved I used to be part of a "baby-wearing" walking group that met once a week to learn about wraps from more experienced moms and go for a walk wearing our babies (or in a stroller if you didn't want to baby-wear). I'd like to get back into something like that but haven't come across it here.

    What I did when I moved to my current city was search on facebook "[name of town] moms" and a group popped up called "[name of town] moms and munchkins". Another mom had just moved here as well and posted asking if anyone wanted to get together for a playdate, and a group of us ended up getting together, and I've continued to get together with 2 of them once a week or so.

    I'm thinking of starting my own mom's group to go for walks once or twice a week. I need to start exercising more and find group activities way more motivating. I'll probably post it on the facebook group to see if I get any interest - have you thought of trying that? Either centered around an activity you want to do or just a casual moms group that gets together to socialize, depending on what you're looking for.
  • I'm glad you posted this. I've been needingbto find a group for, well, 8 months now.

    I went to our mops group for a while, but really didn't fit in. Plus it was at an awkward time for ds's schedule.
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