I'm sure everyone gets this and I know I need to get over it...but I am SO sick of getting the sad faced question..."Oh no, you have to have a c-section again?" or "Can you try for a VBAC?"  So glad you feel like you know my body and medical history enough to bring this into question.  Going through labor and pushing for 3 hours just to end in a c-section AGAIN does not seem like a good plan to me, and that's what all my drs think will happen.  Nevermind the fact that VBAC's carry risks of their own.  

I had no guilt about having a c-section the first time around, I did everything I could and a vaginal delivery just didn't happen.  I had no hesitation scheduling this second c-section and again have no guilt over it.  I'm just getting sick of everyone taking pity on me and questioning my decision.  It gets old!!!!  

Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it out!

Re: Annoying

  • I didn't have that experience - 1st was vaginal, 2nd was 3 hrs of pushing ending in a c-section - but I would have gone for an RCS in a heartbeat if my first was c-section. Don't feel guilty at all. People just don't have boundaries when it comes to talking to pregnant women.
  • My first was an emergency CS because DD was in distress. My OB said I was a good candidate for a VBAC with my second, but I chose a RCS since DDs birth was so scary (she was born unresponsive with an abgar of 0), I didn't want to go through that again. DH still tears up when we talk about DDs birth and how close we came to losing her. I will choose a RCS with #3 too.

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  • Thank goodness nobody has said anything like that to me. My first was due to a breech baby, after we tried a version and all that. Nothing I could do really (other than trying to push out a breech baby i guess, which I was not interested in doing). Luckily so many people I know had emergency c's after failed vaginals AND went for rsc's that nobody has questioned my decision to have a rcs. Plus I have a feeling this baby is breech too (based on where i feel movement) so likely I wouldn't have a choice again anyway...
  • I've had ppl ask why I couldn't try for a vbac, my hospital won't do it. Now if I had gone into labor and depending on where baby was they would determine if I needed to be rushed in for a CS or not. I was scared to death to go for an RCS, the first was emergency so I didn't have time to think about it. I really scared myself with all the possibilities of something going wrong and I had started crying before I was even at the hospital. But it wasn't that bad.

    Next time you have someone ask you that just give them the coldest go to hell look you could possibly give and ignore it. It does get old.
  • I actually have the opposite responses. DS was a spontaneous C-section because of BP problems. Well I desperately wanted to have a VBAC with DD and people always just assumed I was having another CS. If we are lucky enough to have a #3 (and my doc will approve it) I think I would like to try for a VBA2C.

    That all being said, I understand being annoyed by the judgment of other people on a personal decision.

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  • I hated this with my second pregnancy - I had a lot of people say "do you know about VBACs?  you don't have to have another c-section."   I'm hoping with my third I don't get it, but you never know.   
  • I'm with you!!!! To me, the risks associated with VBAC are enough to drive me towards a RCS anyway... and that's my personal choice! Everyone can choose what they want and no one should be judged for it.
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  • That's all I've herd is "you do know about VBACs right?" I'm like yeah thanks I never knew that...I get crazy looks when I'm like I want a second c/s but what a lot of the people criticizing me don't know that with my first I went to 41w and never went into labor or dialated...c/s would have happened anyway.
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