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Appendicitis and weaning

It looks like I have to have my appendix out. All of the drugs they have been giving me are requiring me to pump and dump. Between that and my supply drop from not eating or drinking anything in the past two days, I feel like I have finally hit the point where I need to wean. Any advice for making the transition easier for DS and me?

Re: Appendicitis and weaning

  • Good luck, I, luckily haven't dealt with that but my husband has. It's no joke, here's to a speedy recovery and smooth transition for you.
  • I just had to unwillingly wean as well. I don't know about your DS, but my DD had been taking a bottle regularly from DH and her DCP so it was mostly a matter of getting her to take one from me, as well as keeping her from trying to root when I hold her. Not gonna lie, I cried a lot since I worked very hard at BF and it was something I had with her that no one else did.

    We did sleep training at the same time (this is not for everyone) because she was using me as a paci and destroying me and neither of us were getting much sleep. What really helped was getting DH more involved in the nighttime routine so she associated it with me less and less. Good luck and I hope you heal quickly!
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  • I'm sorry. Being faced with the decision to wesn before you're ready is heartbreaking. I'm sorry.
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  • Thank you all for the helpful responses. DS did not like the first formula we gave him so I was really worried, but there was nothing we could do. My mom was watching him while I was in the hospital so I told her to go out and try other types. Amazingly, he liked the cheapest stuff from Safeway. He has been doing pretty well and will even take the bottle from me now. I am still struggling with letting go of my emotional attachment to breastfeeding, especially because I worked so hard to get it to work, but I just keep telling myself that it will be best for both of us.
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