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So I am 38 weeks, scheduled for a c-section on Friday and I am very apprehensive and Horrified. So with my first child I delivered vaginally with no issues and now with my second I am being told this week that she is frank breech and requires a c-section for delivery. What exactly should I expect during the actual c-section process? Will I feel her being removed? With my vaginal delivery I felt her come out... Will I be able to see, Take pictures, record? How long does the process take once in OR? Will I get to see my baby once she is delivered or will I have to wait? How did you guys cope with the nervous feelings?

I know this is a lot of questions but I am so unprepared for a c-section. Please give any and all post partum tips and suggestions.

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  • First of all, don't panic! It's probably not going to be as horrible as you're making out in your head.  

    To start, you'll show up about 2 hours before your scheduled time slot.  They'll prep you for surgery by taking vitals, obtaining iv access, and starting fluids.  Once it is time you'll either be wheeled to the OR or walk there.  

    Once in OR, you'll sit on the edge of the operating table and be given your spinal.  Be prepared that your SO may not be allowed in the room for this part.  Mine wasn't despite the fact that he is a physician himself.  Once they have the spinal in they will lay you down really quickly.  I was told this was so I didn't get dizzy and fall.  At this point they will let your SO in the room to sit at your head. They will begin putting up the drapes to form the sterile area and insert a catheter.  I wish they'd waited a little longer to insert mine, as I could feel it.  It wasn't painful though.  Then they'll clean the incision area and poke around a bit to make sure you can't feel.  The section is then started.  You may feel some tugging/pressure but no pain.  Once the baby is out they may lower the curtain a bit and show you the baby.  Then the baby will go to be checked over.  Your SO can go with the baby or stay by you.  For mine the baby was kept in the OR. They'll stitch you up, and that is that.  All in all, maybe 30 mins once you're in the OR.  

    The OR I was in was really nice because they would play music of my choice over the stereo and the incubator had a camera over it, so I could see my baby the whole time I was getting stitched up.  

    Then you are moved into recovery.  For my second baby she came with me.  This is where the nurses really cleaned her up.  I was given the opportunity to nurse her there too.  After about 45 min we were moved to our room.  

    As for recording, that is up to each hospital and their policies.  I'm going to guess a camera would be allowed, but probably not a recording device.  

    It is nerve wracking, but remember you aren't their first patient (hopefully!) and lots of women deliver this way every day with no complications.  

    I hope you have a wonderful experience.  Enjoy your new baby! 
  • My first was unplanned, so I don't remember all of the details because I had gone through labor and pushed for 3 hours and it was like 3am!  You obviously won't be in pain at all, but you will feel pressure and tugging.  I remember feeling a few hard pushes on my abdomen and just feeling that she was out, and then I heard that beautiful first cry :)  Once I was in, they had her out pretty quickly and my DH went with her...we had talked about that ahead of time.  I was pretty peaceful as they put me back together and it didn't feel like it took a very long time.  Then they brought her in to me and I saw her!  After that they whisked her away to do some other things while they finished with me, and I think she was with me and BFing about 5 or 10 minutes after I got out of the OR.

    I would talk with your dr about the timing of everything if you are nervous about it.  This time around, I'm scheduled...in one week!  The only thing I'm slightly nervous about is that I'll feel more anxiety since I won't have that exhaustion from going through labor and it won't be in the middle of the night.  Since you are awake, it can be a little nerve wracking.  But perhaps see if you can listen to music...I'm a Christian, so I'm planning to pray and meditate on Scripture.  Not sure if that's your thing, but perhaps you can find something like that to keep your mind off of things!

    Good luck!
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  • Yes, I have already made my meditation playlist, I will have them play it softly in one ear phone so I can hear what is going on. Do not want to miss her first cries. 
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