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Halloween/Fall Fun

So what are you all planning for Halloween/fall? 

I'm undecided on an outfit for E's first Halloween. I'm thinking something easy like pumpkin, but kinda waiting on a free/cheap costume to come up on my garage sale groups or at a consignment sale. I haven't looked really, but will start soon. Not sure if we will be here or in Florida for Halloween so I guess that sort of matters. It will be HOT in Florida and chilly here. I was hoping to do the same as my parents did for me for my 1st Halloween, but my parents cannot remember what I was. Sad face.

I am planning to go apple picking this week and to a farm this weekend with my mommy group. Taking some fall pictures with E's newborn photographer in about two weeks. Since I organized a group shoot with my moms group, I get the session and all the pictures for free. Yay!

Fall around here ROCKS because it's such amazing weather and the leaves are beautiful! I'm very thankful to have time with E to enjoy it.

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Re: Halloween/Fall Fun

  • Well probably go to the apple orchards this fall. I was thinking of dressing b up as tigger for halloween. Ill probably go tricker treating with him and my sisters since we didnt last year.

    @eg214 last year my mom got b a halloween onsie that came with a little hat. B was only 3 months old on halloween last year and it was WAY to cold to take him out so we stayed behind and passed out candy.

    This was b last halloween
  • I don't have a picture of H in her first Halloween costume on my phone to email to work to post (hahaha, I hear Apple has upgraded to iOS8 now and I'm still using iOS6).  But one night she was a skeleton and another night she was Batman and I was Robin.  This year, I bought a Sally costume and I was going to go as Jack Skellington but she already outgrew that costume (bought too early :( ).  Now I have no idea what I'm going to do!  I was thinking of going as Rainbow Brite and have her as a twink.  Because I found this on Pinterest:
    twink costume tutorial by pinksuedeshoe, via Flickr

    How flippin' cute would that be?
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  • I'm a little cranky about this because we don't really get Fall here in Florida and it's making me miss Boston like crazy. It's also my first fall being back in Florida without the it feels awkward to do the things we used to do as a family as a single parent. That said...there's a fall festival we went to every year when we lived here together and I'm going to do that with DD. And we'll go trick or treating...even though she says she doesn't want to, I'm sure she'll change her mind.
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  • I got her a My First Halloween outfit on clearance last year from Target but it is getting too small so I plan on putting her in it, taking her up to a garden place by my house maybe tomorrow and snapping some pictures of her in it. It won't last until Halloween. I think I will take her TT just for pictures. I certainly don't need the candy and at almost 9 months old, she won't either. If we are in Florida, it will be for the grands. :)

    @jellybean529 - I hear you. As dumb as it may sound, I sort of don't want to go to Florida to visit because I'd be leaving the Fall behind. I absolutely LOVE fall here. When I come back it would be winter or pretty much snowing I'd miss it all together.

    @20thirteen - I think I saw you post this on FB or IG or something. Super cute.

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  • @20thirteen if you go as Rainbow Brite and Twink I NEED PICTURES!!!

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  • Guys i saw the cutest captain america costume at target last night for 17 dollars im thinking about getting it cause itll be big enough i can put bs snow suit on under it.

    @Jellybean529 i posted that picture and got crazy nastolgic because of how much b has changed since last halloween
  • @Lurchbaby october is a tricky month in minnesota. The begining of tge month is USUALLY beautiful and towards the middle end it gets chilly during the day and can be down right frigid at night. Growing up we always had to havr costumes that could he made warm if need be.

    Last year my nephews all wore winter jackets and heavy warm pants under their costumes and hats and gloves.

    I assume ill be doing the same with b
  • I was planning on going as Daenerys Targaryen (from Game of Thrones) and dressing DD up as Drogon--one of the dragons. I was going to have her father dress as Ser Jorah Mormont--but now that he's out of the picture, maybe I'll ask my sister to come with us and dress as Missandei.

    Luckily my sister works at Party City, so she can hook us up with her discount, but I am concerned about the costumes looking cheezy or cheap. If that idea doesn't work out, I have a Minnie mouse costume from a couple years back, and I saw a few super cute baby Minnie mouse costumes on Etsy :)

    If anyone is looking for some unique costumes, Etsy is definitely a good resource!

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