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Any one use peppermint oil during first trimester?

I am new to essential oils, our family had decided we wanted to try and incorporate them into our life for a more holistic approach and eventually weed out some of the meds in our medicine cabinet. On Saturday night  woke with a horrible headache and put some peppermint oil on my temples and back of my neck for relief. Today I put a few dabs on my chest to get rid of heartburn. After doing this I saw online that peppermint oil can cause a miscarriage, does anyone know if this is the case or if that would be considered if you were to use it in mass quantities? I am almost 11 weeks so I am approaching my 2nd trimester but I wasn't sure. 

Re: Any one use peppermint oil during first trimester?

  • I recently did research on essential oils and found similar information. I was hoping to use tea tree oil to treat some hormonal acne I've got going. What I found was that essential oils are a bit of a coin toss because they can cross the placental barrier. While some research suggests they are okay when used in certain ways, most researchers agree that at this point there is not enough information to give them the "safe for pregnant women" stamp. I've decided to avoid the oils until I can talk further with my midwife. Good luck!
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  • I've heard not to use it during the third tri if baby is head down because it could cause baby to turn, but nothing about first tri miscarriage.  You could call your provider and see what they think.
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  • I used it in the 1st tri and throughout my pregnancy. Now 30 weeks and no complications,
  • I know this is an older post, but I use peppermint oil when I have a headache, during 1st tri. I have the book- "gentle babies" which is a great resource for using Essential oils during pregnancy and for babies.
  • leelee20, Thanks for the book rec. I'm going to look for that. 
    The only essential oil I avoided while pregnant was Clary Sage in the third tri. I preferred Ginger for nausea for Baby2. Baby 3 (just got my BFP today!), we'll see. I think I am craving peppermint. 
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