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Travel with 17 month old

We flew home to the USA from Australia last Xmas. Lo was 5.5 months old. The flights weren't bad at all because he slept and ate the whole time but the jet lag on lo was awful.

We are planning on going home again this December. I have the opportunity to go home a few weeks earlier to attend a cousins wedding but dh won't be able to meet me until later. I'm very hesitant to go. The scary part is my lo walks and is very active so will be much harder to travel with and on the plane. Also I had planned to stop overnight in LA to break up the trip to NYC. Bags, stroller, jet lagged baby all make me want to stay fly on December with dh. Of course the perks are attending my cousins wedding, being home for thanksgiving and seeing family and friends more.

Any want to share some words of wisdom or advice?

Re: Travel with 17 month old

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    I think it would be difficult but doable. I had a friend who went back to the US from the Philippines with a 20 month old for only 2 weeks. So they got slammed with jet lag and long travel times twice! 

    I would only do it alone if you get a separate seat for your LO & bring your carseat incase he will sleep in it. I also wouldn't stop over in LA unless you're actually going to stay there for a few days. All it does is extend a terrible trip one extra night, it would be easier to just get where you're going & settle in. 

    I'd go in November if I were you but know it's going to suck a little bit.

    ETA We've traveled a lot with DD but didn't go back to the States.
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