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hash tag diaper rash problems

Please recommend your diaper rash cream...or diaper rash solutions. My poor lil man has the worst diaper rash. I feel like I've tried everything even switching diaper brands. What seems to work for your LOs.? Thanks!!

Re: hash tag diaper rash problems

  • M also had a rash this weekend. A&D wasn't cutting it, but I had some samples of Boudreaux's Butt Paste I pulled out and it's nearly gone.

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  • DS has never really had bad diaper rash, but when I see that DS is about to get one, I slather on Balmex and within a day I notice a difference.
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  • We use burts bees, my H won't use desitin because it has cod liver oil and he says it smells like fish. I don't mind it but the burts has a nice lavender scent. It works well and we've never had major rashes, although it doesn't work for yeast rash. That I use athlete's foot cream for a couple of days and it's gone. We've used some of the Boudreauxs butt paste that we had a sample of and that worked well as well.
  • DD had a really bad case of diaper rash when she cut her first tooth. We tried Desitin, A&D, Aveeno, Aquaphor, Vaseline, Neosporin, baby powder and nothing worked on its own! It was really terrible. During the flare up, I did not use wipes at all as they seemed to bother DD so much (never heard her cry like that before). I dabbed her using Kleenex, then washed her bottom in the sink with antibacterial soap. Then I alternated baby powder with A&D ointment with each diaper change. Each diaper change took 10 minutes. I was so happy when it cleared up after two days!
  • We've used Aquaphor. DS has sensitive skin, and this stuff clears up diaper rashes and other skin rashes he has had.



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  • My little one has never really had a bad diaper rash. The small one she did have I noticed when I use chemical free diapers and some petroleum jelly it cleared up fast. Good luck!
  • You also may want to try baking soda soaks/baths. And air it out as much as possible.


    Married June 2010.
    DD born 1/13 via Csection at 41w5d after 47 hours of labor

  • Thanks everyone!
  • We use Burts Bees or Desitin if it's really bad. Adding baking soda to her bath helped a lot with the redness.

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  • Triple paste clears everything except yeast in only a few applications. Its expensive but worth it

  • We use Burts Bees.  I like the ingredients in it and most importantly it worked!  Also, I noticed my DD doesn't get rashes when I make my own wipes.  I haven't done that for about a month, but she has a rash right now, so I am going to make more today.  I mix 1 cup warm water, 1 Tbls coconut oil and 1 T baby wash.  Then I pour over folded paper towels (see link below).   

    This is how I store them: https://www.frugallivingandhavingfun.com/2012/03/diy-baby-wipes/
  • Triple paste clears everything except yeast in only a few applications. Its expensive but worth it

    I feel your pain. We went through this when DS cut his 2 bottom teeth through. It sucks but nothing really helped DS until the teeth came through and diarrhea stopped. His poop was so damn acidic from teething that's why it irritates their skin.
    So we used triple paste. Does the best job preventing and healing I think, it worked for DS. But the main thing that helped is paper towels. NO wipes. We bought Viva paper towels(wet it with water) It's better for their skin. Good luck.
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