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A different formula at home than used in the NICU?

Our baby girls were born last week at 35 weeks 6 days and have been in the NICU the past week. We are hoping to bring them home within the next week or so. They are exclusively formula fed and have been on the hospital's formula, Gerber Goodstart. Once at home I was hoping to use Similac since we have quite a stash from friends who gave me their free samples and coupons. Is it difficult for them to switch formulas? I don't want to do it if it will cause more stress but I would like to use the formula we have if possible. I will have to change nipples on them anyway so I'm hoping the transition won't be too difficult. Anyone have experience with this?  

Re: A different formula at home than used in the NICU?

  • With our DD we had to switch formula just shortly after getting home from hospital because she didn't tolerate what they were giving her well. We ended up switching nipples to match what they used because that's all she would use. Some baby's are adaptable but some are not so hopefully it will be okay for you to switch their nipples. But if you already know they do well on the hospital formula, I personally wouldn't switch.

    Good luck.

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  • Our girls were on a hgh calorie formula in the NICU, so we did continue that at home until our ped thought they were gaining weight well enough to no longer need the extra calories. After that we used whatever formula we wanted.

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    Thank you! Yeah, they use disposable nipples at the NICU so I've already planned not to be able to use those when we get home. That's a good point about the high calorie formula. Ours are currently on that and they may want to continue it. I'll wait and see what they recommend at discharge. Thank you! I suppose I can donate the formula I have if they'll do better on what they've been on.
  • My daughters got used to those disposable nipples and I had a hard time finding anything else they would go for. The closest thing I found to match that they had no problem with was the gerber essentials nipples, luckily they are super cheap! Hopefully they will be more adaptable but just something to keep in mind if you have trouble with that.
  • Thank you @Wishing35‌ ! Very good to know!!
  • The girls got only breast milk in the NICU. When they were discharged we supplemented with neosure 2 bottles a day. This was a higher calorie formula. Around 4 months we switched from Breastfeeding/neosure to exclusively using gerber good start.

    The girls did fine with any formula switches. We had more difficulty with finding a bottle that worked. We ended up with Dr Browns.

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  • We switched formulas twice because they needed a gentle version.  That wasn't a big deal.

    But they did get used the NICU nipples.  10 months later they still refuse all the nice, expensive nipples we bought before they born.

    I order my "disposable" nipples from Amazon now.  We wash them and use them hundreds of times each.  We get the standard flow Enfamil ones as those were the ones from NICU.  They don't sell them in stores, but luckily they are really cheap.

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  • I heard from a friend that when you do switch their formula, you need to wean them off one kind and not just quit one "cold turkey" so to speak so that it doesn't cause stomach problems.  Hope your girls are home soon!
  • We switched formula at 3 months. We did it gradually 2 oz of me formula to 6 oz old and then increased the ratio of new formula. We are loving the Target Up and Up formula. Saves us a ton of money!
  • My singleton had no problem bouncing between breast milk and whatever formula was on sale at the time. Switching a babies food seems to be much easier than switching a cats. Ha!
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