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Sleep Training for naps?

When DD is at daycare, she naps great. When she's at home, not so much. So is sleep training for naps typically handled the same as for night sleep, or is it a whole different beast? CIO doesn't seem to work as well for naps so far, so I'm wondering if I need to be trying a different approach.

Re: Sleep Training for naps?

  • i'm seriously struggling with this too. gotta remember to check back here to see more replies.

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  • So far we have tried a few more times, and it seems the key is to get her at the right stage of tired. For some reason it plays a bigger role in naps for her than at night. She still cries before falling asleep, but if she is overtired or not tired enough she either plays or just screams and never falls asleep. It seems to work if we catch her at the right times though.

    I am so jealous when I see my friends out with their babies and they are asleep and chill. DD seems to want just the right conditions.
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