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DS watched a new movie version of the Boxcar Children a few weeks ago so I started reading it to him. He really seems to like it, and it's nice to not read the same pre school story over and over. Does anyone have any suggestions for age appropriate chapter books for us to read next? I know there are lots of boxcar mystery books but I'm not sure he's ready for mysteries. Has anyone tried with their kids?
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Re: Chapter Books

  • DD has loved - My Father's Dragon, The Magic Tree House series, and Charlotte's Web (I was a little worried about that one, but she really wanted to read it and she didn't have any problems with it.  DH may have edited some parts; I am not sure.) 
  • My DS is six, but his teacher read the class Charlotte's Web last year in kindergarten. We're currently reading Pippi Longstocking and, when we finish, we'll either do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or How to Train Your Dragon.

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  • When my kids were in preschool, we switched from picture books to easier chapter books for nighttime reading.  Some of our favorites were:

    Toys Go Out
    Toys Dance Party
    Beezus and Ramona
    Ralph the Motorcycle Mouse
    Bad Kitty
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    The Wizard of Oz
    Charlotte's Web

    I didn't read the Magic Treehouse series out loud.  I saved them for my kids to read on their own, once they learned.  However, Mary Pope Osborne has written a great kid's version of the Odyssey, which my son LOVED!  

    Don't hesitate to read things that are fairly ambitious.  I still read to my kids every night, and I have been amazed at how willing they are to listen to books that are way above the level they could understand on their own.  So, I'd say anything that a kid in 2nd or 3rd grade would read on their own would be fair game for reading aloud to a preschooler.  Just read small chunks each night.  You'll know if the book is above your child's head. Your child will be distracted at points that should be riveting.  Then put that book aside for a while and try something else.
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