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Meal Plan for upcoming week (follow up)

I know we discussed meal planning earlier in the week - I thought I would see if anyone has their upcoming week planned. Of course, this is all subject to me actually wanting to eat it. With my first pregnancy, I ate fish sticks and mac and cheese all the time. Makes me want to vomit to think about it now. 

Tonight - BLTs
Tomorrow - Bacon wrapped chicken and pineapple kabob 
Monday - Sausage and white bean soup (freezer meal) 
Tuesday - Frozen Chinese food 
Wednesday - YOYO (you're own your own) 
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - My mom's coming into town so whatever she wants 

Anyone else? 

Re: Meal Plan for upcoming week (follow up)

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    @armywife66 do you have a recipe for the sausage/white bean soup?
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    Sunday: breaded ranch pork chops, carrots, and a salad
    Monday: Pot roast and salad
    Tuesday: leftovers
    Wednesday: spaghetti and garlic bread
    Thursday: quinoa enchilada casserole
    Friday: BLTs

    And I think I'm going to make a big pot of chili for the weekend.
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    @lynn0514 - how do you do the crab cake sandwiches?

    @teachermom2015 I did a freezer cooking session last month. I got 12 meals that are in the freezer that go in the crock pot. I am going to see if we eat them all before I do it again. 

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    And also we got Publix chicken fingers last night so I am already off plan. :) 

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    Sunday- buffalo chicken and chopped salad
    Monday- chicken strips, mac&cheese and asparagus
    Tuesday- crock pot beef and veggie soup
    Wednesday- leftovers/sandwiches
    Thursday- Chipotle!
    Friday- chili
    Saturday- DH is working, probably cereal or an omelette

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    danigirl7181danigirl7181 member
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    Today- Chicken Enchiladas
    Mon- whatever my mom makes, I work and she's watching the kids over night.
    Tues- brown sugar balsamic glazed pork chops, green beans, and salad
    Wed- going out for wings
    Thurs- spicey beer shrimp and fried rice
    Fri- fish tacos and rice with black beans
    Sat- leftovers

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    I prepped a lot in advance this week due to extra busy schedules.

    Sunday- stuffed bellpeppers
    Monday -tacos
    Tuesday- leftover chili (made Sunday for this reason)
    Wednesday - scrambled eggs with lots of veggies mixed in and bacon
    Thursday- on my own so salad since th won't have that as a dinner and I love it! Or maybe leftover stuffed bell peppers from Sunday dinner
    Friday- date night or maybe blts
    Saturday- not sure yet
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    I love this thread! 

    Sunday (last night): left over indian food and broccoli
    Monday: Vegetable soup
    Tuesday: Chickpea caponatta
    Wednesday: Pumpkin curry (we are using butternut squash instead)
    Thats as far as I've gotten.  I have mushrooms in the fridge and for the life of me I can't remember what recipe they were for.  DH's parents are visiting this wknd so we may eat with them on Friday or Saturday or both.

    They are taking us to "Shady Maple" which is not a buffet but a "smorgasbord"!  Its a buffet so huge its actually a tourist attraction.  I may or may not eat enough additional calories at that meal for the remainder of this pregnancy.
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    I am working on the rest of ours now as we plan for two weeks. But this is what I got planned so far for meals. 

    Creamy Garlic Pasta & Salad
    Enchiladas, refried beans and rice
    Homemade mac&cheese, Ham Steak & Green beans
    Broccoli pasta & Salad with Garlic bread
    Sesame Chicken with steamed rice
    Marinated Chicken with sauted veggies
    Chicken Stir-fry with steamed rice
    Homemade pizza/stromboli
    Chili & Corn Bread
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    Today - I do not know. Tomorrow - I don't know but will cry when I get home and DH hasn't made anything. Wednesday - crumble and eat take out. Thursday - eat leftover takeout. Friday - seems sooooo far away. Saturday - go out to eat with DH. Sunday - burritos.

    I can't even think about food ahead of time right now. 
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    Love the concept of shopping for a menu. Is there a website for beginners anyone can share?
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    @23Tez23 I used to use which will plan your meal and make a grocery list for you. It's maybe $5/month but usually can find a coupon. I learned from that and then I started couponing (not extreme) and I can make a meal of things I want by shopping from my pantry and I don't have to worry about the sales as much. 

    I mostly use the sales to focus on produce and things I can't stock up on.

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