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Leg cramps followed by bruising

Lately I've been experiencing the lovely leg cramps, but I noticed this morning the cramped spot was badly bruised. I've never experienced anything like this so I wasn't sure if it was the norm or not. Thanks ladies!

Re: Leg cramps followed by bruising

  • I had muscle cramps in my legs all through high school and the bruising feeling is normal. Especially after a really strong one. When you feel a leg cramp coming on make sure you massage the muscle as it will help ease the pain and loosen the muscle.
  • Stretch it out, massage if possible and I find walking on a cool surface very helpful (like a tile floor). Drink a ton of water throughout the day, and I make sure to get a glass down before bed (the frequent peeing is worth not getting the cramp!!)
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  • You should check with your doctor. My sister works for a OBGYN and I told her My leg felt like it had a spasm and then a charlie horse. She said to check for bruising and if there was some to leave it alone and go to the doctor because it's a sign that comes with possible blood clots in pregnancy. Also said that massaging it could release the clot which is not good. Best to get checked out!
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  • I have quite a few bruises as well....most of mine have been followed by varicose veins....I do agree with bby2015, talk to your Dr about it because it could be possible blood clots.
  • Blood clots would be my first thought especially since during pregnancy you have a higher chance of getting them.

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  • I've experienced calf cramps while sleeping twice and it really sucks! My midwife just brought it up yesterday and said that drinking plenty of water before bed and eating plenty of potassium helps. Bananas are good for potassium, or take your prenatal vitamin right before bed. 

    Many women try to avoid water a few hours before bed so they don't have to get up to pee. You need to stay hydrated even if it's inconvenient to pee through the night. Drinking plenty (10 cups a day) and eating a healthy diet will probably make the cramps subside. 

    But the bruising is unusual. I would go to the doctor as everyone else mentioned that this could be blood clots. Don't worry yourself, but go in before it is a real issue! 
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  • I also have bruising and my doctor said it is from increased blood flow through my veins but now I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion
  • Are you taking your prenatal vitamins daily ? My legs cramp when I forget to take them. And yes tons of water.
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