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Both my babies are sick :(

Last night I didn't sleep longer than half an hour at a time because both babies are sick. They have a dry cough and super runny/stuffy noses. It's so sad. My little girl is also refusing to nurse, I think because it's hard to breath. If anyone has any advice about how to get her to nurse I would really appreciate it


Re: Both my babies are sick :(

  • The one time DS was that sick I gave breast milk using a medicine dropper - 5 ml at a time. It sucked. So sorry your babies are sick. I hope they feel better soon!

  • We used bottles of fresh pumped because the sucking was easier as well as syringe of bm. I offered a ton of fluids including water and even warm chicken broth. He was happier with fluids from the cup or syringe. We did warm baths to keep him relaxed and snot sucker as needed. We used baby Vicks at night which helped him not be so irritated from the congestion. In total it lasted about 5 days of visibly not feeling well and two weeks of congestion.
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  • Thanks everybody. I've done quite a few if the suggestions. Unfortunately they've only gotten sicker and added fever and vomiting to the mix. It's now 3:45 am and they'll only sleep on me. Which is not easy since there's two of them


  • I do warm bath, Vicks baby rub, humidifier and suction the crap out of their nose. I also use saline drops a few times a day. Feel better babies!

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  • We did those before the cold symptoms, I can say ours only lasted 24 hours for that part. Hang in there!
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